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vartyc 08-25-2007 05:46 PM

Tach, Oil temp gauge problem and Fuel Range
Three Issues..
1. The Tachometer sticks as it the cable needs to be oiled or something and
2. The oil temp gauge once the car warms up reads top center but then sometimes bounces a bit higher and then drops a little... also seems to "bounce" around.. but more like its getting intermitent a loose wire or soemthing....
3. When I push the "Range" button on my instrument panel when the gas tank is full i get a real reading...Ie 280 miles..or 300....but as soon as the feul gets below half tank it reads 38 or 36 miles and stays that way until Empty...and then starts reading right again...

Anyone ever hear of these issues??

John L. Harrell 09-01-2007 08:15 PM

Mr C.,
99% cetain your problems are common to the instrument cluster.
There is nothing in the instrument cluster that is cable driven. (You are showing your age.) That would be too easy.
Everything is electronic.
I would try tapping / banging the plastic face of the cluster when the car is running. You may see the guages jump and idiot lights go on/off. If so you got the problem area.
Pull the cluster, take it apart, spray the contacts with WD 40 or other plastic safe contact cleaner, reassemble and most likely you will be good to go for another 100k miles.
IF that doesn't do it you may be looking at replacing the service indicator board or needing some repair work on the cluster itself.

Good luck man.

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