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Rono190 03-07-2008 04:47 PM

1982 BMW 520i instument cluster
hi all

i have just bought a 1982 BMW 520i which has been sitting at a mates house for 5+ years and i have a few small problems with the car

problem 1 - the temperature gauge and the fuel gauge
the temp gauge slowly moves up and reads in the red. all cooling is good
the fuel gauge shoots up to max fuel even though the fuel tank is not full
we suspect it may be an earthing problem are we on the right track?
i have just read about a similar post about problems with the earthing cable under the steering column!!
we have also changed the batteries on the cluster

problem number 2 - the engine does not idle correctly it peaks and troughs constantly

if anyone has any ideas on solving any of the problems?

thanks in advance for any help with this problem

Ron :)

jimoreno 03-08-2008 08:16 AM

If the batteries had leaked acid the board is probably corroded. Look at the ground under the steering column (you'll need to remove the under dash cover). As for the erratic idle is most probably due to the Idle Control Valve (ICV). Remove it and clean it with carburator cleaner as it gets full of gunk. If that doesn't help it might be defective and needs to be replaced. Your car might also have the Idle COntrol Module (ICM) which sends the signal to the ICV and they work together.

Good Luck!

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