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Zoltar 11-07-2009 04:46 PM

Question for '07+ MT Owners Regarding Clutch
Hey all,

I noticed something today and wondering if it's normal or not.

When sitting idle with the clutch pedal not depressed I hear a slight shudder/rattle coming from underneath.

When you press the clutch pedal it goes away.
Shifter is in Neutral.

It's not a bad sound like grinding and not all that loud but it is there.
It sounds like something shaking.

I really notice it in the garage where the sound is bouncing off the wall and therefore more noticeable.


madurodave 11-08-2009 08:36 AM

I don't have a MT X3, but I had a MT Z3. Same sound. That sound was always there. The pressure plate rattles slightly when not under compression. I personally would not worry about it, but have not heard it on you vehicle. You could always have the dealer do a quick listen, but there is probably no issue.

Zoltar 11-08-2009 09:07 AM

Thanks, I thought it was something like that.

It does not sound like anything serious but rather curious.

Anyone else notice this?

Zoltar 11-08-2009 03:10 PM

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I guess I should have said I hate my X3.:tsk:

T1T2GRE 11-09-2009 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by madurodave (Post 4665863)
The pressure plate rattles slightly when not under compression. I personally would not worry about it


I've heard this on all of my vehicles to some degree (all are manual), including 1986 Bronco II (stop laughing, it got me through college), 1984 318i, 2002 Jeep Liberty, 1996 SC2, and 2008 Sky Redline.

None of them were worse for the wear.

X3-terrestrial 11-09-2009 09:12 AM

It happened to one of dad's company pickups, it was a 88 Isuzu. Ended up being a clutch bearing.

X3-terrestrial 11-09-2009 09:41 AM

Clutch noise is another problem that may be tricky to pinpoint. If a squealing or chirping noise appears or goes away when the clutch pedal is depressed, the cause may be a bad release bearing. Other causes include a bad pilot bushing, a worn or defective input shaft bearing in the transmission, a worn, bent or improperly lubricated release fork, a worn input shaft, improper disc installation, misalignment, damaged bearing retainer, loose flywheel bolts, damaged disc splines, or worn stop pins or broken damper.

A growling or grinding noise when the clutch is engaged may be due to a bad transmission input shaft bearing.

A squealing sound that occurs when the clutch pedal is depressed and held is usually caused by a bad pilot bearing or bushing.

A chirping noise that intensifies when the pedal is slowly depressed would indicate a bad release bearing.

If you hear chirping while idling in neutral and the noise goes away when the pedal is slowly depressed, the fork/pivot ball contact point is making the noise

Zoltar 11-09-2009 03:48 PM


kenza 11-09-2009 05:47 PM

Well, I do not hear anything on my car as the diesel engine itself makes noise, so the cluch is almost impossible to hear :)

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