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mmihailov 11-14-2009 06:17 PM

Whining sound as if wind is going through a pipe comping from the fuel tank
I have a very strange and annoying problem with my 2001 740I BMW. A whining, intermittent sound coming from the driver side of the fuel tank. It sounds a bit like whistle of wind going through a pipe. I thought it was the fuel pump, so I replaced it but to no effect. The Bentley manual mentions that there is a siphon pump to equalize the levels in the two lobes of the tank. I suspect this might be the problem, especially because it sounds like a noise produced by the turbulent flow of a fluid. I could not find anyone selling a pump like that. It looks like it is part of the fuel tank. Does any one know on what principle this pump operates and if I can see it if I remove the fuel pump or the fuel level sensor? I guess this is not an electric pump. Has anyone had any similar experience? Thank you very much.

PETER NEWMAN 05-27-2010 08:30 AM

This may be caused by the carbon filter blocking up which can cause the plastic fuel tank to collapse, The carbon filter is located underneath the passenger side rear plastic wheel arch on right hand drive cars as in Great Britain but it is a real pig to get at and change.

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