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ggoodlife 11-23-2009 10:39 AM

New 5 photos....full reveal

Also there is now a video [updated with more videos]:

More Pictures added

meina222 11-23-2009 10:50 AM

Fabulous rear, good midsection and a somewhat underwhelming front (from anywhere but direct front view, which resembles the LCI 3er somewhat.) The front does not match the rear in athleticism. I think the hood is bit too long. The car seems almost as large as a 7 series. Maybe I'll warm up to the front. Overall a definite improvement from the old one. Interior looks are definitely richer. I suspect it will be much better in real than pics.

Big Pete 11-23-2009 11:14 AM

The front end will take a bit of getting used to. The remaining lines are an improvement over the E60.

mason 11-23-2009 11:20 AM

My first impression:

The front is more subtle from 7. Healights are like a 3.

The side profile looks really like a stretch out 3.

530CE 11-23-2009 11:23 AM

Iíve owned three of the six generations shown in the photo. There is no doubt at all Iíll own a 4th generation. I think it gorgeous. The whole car looks smooth and flowing although Iím not sure I like the rather large grill. That may have to grow on me some.

The interior flows a lot smoother and it looks very luxurious. The I-Drive controller relocated to the right side of the console will take some getting used to. I didnít particularly like the E60 when it first came out but now Iím on my 2nd one and love it. I think this one will grow beautifully. Like letting the wine breathe.

meina222 11-23-2009 11:30 AM

The looks are dramatically better with larger wheels. This car begs for 19 inch sets.

I like this one:

ggoodlife 11-23-2009 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by meina222 (Post 4708566)
The looks are dramatically better with larger wheels. This car begs for 19 inch sets.

Good find. Cool:thumbup:

WULFFZA 11-23-2009 12:17 PM

Its frikkin gorgeous. Best looking BMW sedan in the last..... ever. Just my opinion.
Still a solid looking family sized sport sedan, but with a sleek coupe-athletic-no flab or overstylised embellishments design that we have needed to progress from the last 8years of weird designs.
I want one.

ATXBMW 11-23-2009 12:39 PM

All I want to know is: where are the cupholders?

RCK 11-23-2009 12:45 PM

Similar to the new 7, the wheels are killing the car! :tsk:

Hope the sports package wheels look good!!

cubsko 11-23-2009 12:50 PM had a great post with a lot of photos and videos.

mattmoment 11-23-2009 12:57 PM

This car looks like a 3 series. Gone is the great design of the e60 that distinguished the 5 series from every toyota, lexus, and honda on the road. Chris Bangle may have screwed up the 7 series, but IMHO the e60 was a masterpiece. The interior of the F10 is awesome though. I agree the idrive controller may be hard to access.

TMQ 11-23-2009 01:02 PM

Side profile looks very athletic, no surprise as it incorporates 3 series design element. In comparison E60's side profile looks boring and soft.

I don't think you can say the E60 is over styled - from many ways it's a relatively simple design and uses little of the flame surfacing. The F10 has lots of concaves / convexes on the hood, on the side, and rear.

If anything, the Bangle flame surfacing design philosophy is elevated to a higher level, and executed very well.

I still prefer the E60 headlights!

ATXBMW 11-23-2009 01:13 PM


"On models with automatic transmission, the space between the electronic gear selector lever and the climate control unit offers enough room for two cupholders and a key holder. A further storage compartment is located behind the iDrive Controller (where there is another cupholder on models with a manual gearbox). "

TimeOut 11-23-2009 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by atxbmw (Post 4708792)
all i want to know is: Where are the cupholders?


UH60Hwkdrvr 11-23-2009 01:26 PM

I like it, I like it a lot! There will definitely be one of those in my future.


Nautilu5 11-23-2009 02:06 PM

klu123 11-23-2009 02:09 PM

Looks much much better than E60 - beautiful, gorgeous, and the side profile spells more sportiness. Looks longer and wider (actually is longer and wider by 2 in), and more impressively, lower (even only by 0.1 in actually).

IMO, this is the most beautiful design from BMW in this centiry. Thank God we are finally out of the Bangle era. Thank God we are no-longer forced to accept another "hot but ugly something". Thank God it's not another 5 GT - the big-trunk and short-leg fat goose.

Wow, 550/535 comes with standard 18-in wheels and 245/45 tires. So I guess the Sports Package will probably comes with 19-20 in wheels and 265/35 and 295/30 tires. I wonder what kind of wheels/tires left for M5?

It's a pity that my 535 is only 2 year "new". I don't lease, so I'll be drooling at some of you.

oghowie 11-23-2009 02:35 PM

Wow, a big 3 series.

Looks too conservative now. Sad. :(

SleepTight 11-23-2009 03:14 PM

I like it! The rear taillights are a little busy, but I like the front and the side views. If anything, it looks better proportioned than the 7 series and the nose grills doesn't look quite so foolish, at least in the photos.

As a couple of people have commented, 19-inch wheels really help the car's looks but, of course, all BMWs have under-sized silly looking wheels standard.

For me, the case for moving up to a 7-series has just been substantially weakened.

mismaloya 11-23-2009 03:39 PM

Beautiful car- Looks fast. I do see a lot of resemblance to the '3 series'. Probably drop dead gorgeous in person.

jlipton 11-23-2009 04:39 PM

I think it's gorgeous - especially the interior. It looks like they've made a real effort to improve interior materials. I always thought the E60 was a step down for interior design and materials vs the previous generation, and I never liked the E60 exterior either. I think the F10 will blow the doors off the new MB E-class sales-wise, as that car is hideous inside and out.

elistein 11-23-2009 05:49 PM

The prodile is nicer than the E60's. But overall, this looks like a 3-series...I'm glad I didn't wait for it and got my E60!

WULFFZA 11-23-2009 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by jlipton (Post 4709677)
i always thought the e60 was a step down for interior design and materials vs the previous generation, and i never liked the e60 exterior either. I think the f10 will blow the doors off the new mb e-class sales-wise, as that car is hideous inside and out.


kontir 11-23-2009 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by ATXBMW (Post 4708792)
All I want to know is: where are the cupholders?

In front of the gear shifter. The door under the ac controls.

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