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ibanking 12-19-2009 09:23 PM

88 528e starting problem HELP!!!!
hello out there.

this is what happened.

- the bracket that holds the a/c condenser broke and punctured the oil filter.

- the engine stopped abrubtly and i had to pull off the road.

- stupidly, not knowing the above facts, i attempted to start the car numerous times, with the engine cranking but not starting.

- upon inspection on the side of the road, it looks as if the engine oil leaked/gushed out of the punctured oil filter, and the belt conncting the a/c condenser was not in allignment with the rest of the belts as the a/c condenser was hanging loose with the broken bracket. checking the oil level with the dip stick, there was no oil evident on the dip stick.

- planning to run the car with out an a/c, got the car towed to the house. removed the a/c condenser***, the belt, and replaced the oil filter, and filled the car with oil.
*** to make room, while removing the a/c condenser, i had to disconnect the coolant reservoir and the sensor. not sure if this make any difference, but the coolant level rose and the coolant over flew as the reservoir was tipped to the side.

- i was hoping the car would start up... but it still just cranks and does not start.

- is the engine done??? is this something that i could repair at a home garage???

- your help will be greatly appreciated.. thank you :)

catso 01-01-2010 07:51 PM

Check the crankshaft position sensor and its wiring. From what you describe, the damage seems to be in that area. Check for spark when you crank the engine.

jimoreno 01-04-2010 12:57 PM

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Did the engine overheated? If not, check your reference and speed sensors on the transmission bellhousing. They have a connector each on the back of the engine. The test procedure is attached.

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