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lild 01-15-2010 07:39 PM

i'm new and going to start to ride (recomend me a starter bike thread)
damn, that was a long title. but any ways i have notice that a lot of folks are new riders, just finished courses, got the legal stuff out of the way and now need a ride. so maybe those of us who have been ridding for a while can recomend something with the new guy/girl without becoming road rash. i know, i know, there riding it might happen, but not let us help them to quick. and maybe this can be the offical thread, with a newwwb, making a new post.
so your new, you need some wheels to get that i'm free as a bird feeling, and yes that's what it feels like.
some rules........
1---no matter what is recomended, please sit on the bike, and see how comfy it feels, can you put your feet completely on the ground, put your feet on the pegs, doe's it feel right, hold it up, is it too heavy, trust me, i've droped my 500 in the yard, and it is the heaviest thing to get up when full of gas.
2--most likely you'll drop it, do i want to drop a 6-10k bike, or a 3k or less? yes it doe's happen, something as simple as forgeting to put the kickstand down will do it. or some ass that's admireing your bike a little too close. plus, anything over a certian amount will need full coverage, and it doesn't take much to total one.
3--no matter how good you look, step back and think about it again. the bigger and badder the bike, imo, for a new ridder will take a long time to accutally enjoy it, therefore will make you do stupid things. i've been ridding for 2 years, and the little 500 is peppy, and i've done fullish things, but i feel comfy on, and know it's limits, however my father has been ridding 4 years, bought a used cop service bike(dc.), he's droped 5 time, broke his ribs, sprined his wrist, sholder, and hurt his leg. bike's been in the shop 5 times, and it still has issue's. the difference, i went with a smaller bike to start with, and starting to enjoy putting on my personal touches to it. he went with a big harley, becuase of the image, and his sits in the drive way with oil leaks, and electrical problems.
4--no matter what you buy used or new, when time comes to sell the starter, don't expect the resale to be high, even if it's in prestine condition, and if you buy from a dealer, check the warranty, i've found that even if you get new, the warranty can be anywhere from 1-3 years, even if you fiance a 5 year plan.
5--what ever you get or lookin at, try to find a forum for that bike, you'll will be surprised at all the usefull info. on that model, ex..what kind of mods can be made, problems, and may find some local ridden partners.

so what should i get.
depends what do you want, a sport/street bike, cruiser, dual type(this is a dirt bike that is street legal, drive to work, blow off steam on the way home type of bike) some of the nicer euro type of bikes.
so fellow fester put in.

i recomend a ninja500, it has 6speeds, i've gotten as high as 250 mile on a tank, and i've hit 110, on a very open and straight highway. i'm 5'11" at 205 pounds. dislikes, my hand gets a little numb after a while, but you don't sit completely down, nor all the way up. 50/50
now i know there are others out there(brand wise) a 250 is nice for a woman, of course i've seem women ride a zx10,. the new ninja250's now look like a smaller version of the ninja 600, they also have 6speed, and i belive are fuel injected, and have recieved good reviews.

but that's where my knowledge stops, a 600 could be a nice starter too.
these bikes i know you can get for under 3k, and also a side not, the ninja500 will cease to be made this year due to emmission laws, cali. hasn't seen a new one in 5 years. so depend in on where you live, a used is most likely, you can get an 08- or 09 new, at some dealers, but they will ask for full price, you may be able to talk them down.

lild 01-15-2010 07:50 PM

forgot the most important rule, what ever you get post a pic in the post a pic thread.:)
i know i'm gettin around to mine.

chadi 01-15-2010 11:25 PM

Dude I like you and all, but you are the wrong person to write a long thread like this. :p

You're lack of spacing and capitalization makes it impossible for me to read!!! :rofl:

lild 01-16-2010 01:09 PM

i love you too. but i'm sick with some kind of crap, headaches, chest aches, but most importantly. i knew some one would of critiqe me on my grammer. now recomend a bike to ride.:D

chadi 01-22-2010 04:32 AM


Originally Posted by lild (Post 4851603)
i love you too. but i'm sick with some kind of crap, headaches, chest aches, but most importantly. i knew some one would of critiqe me on my grammer. now recomend a bike to ride.:D


I like your assessment, but I have only one thing to add. A great starter bike would be my 2007 Ninja 250 with low miles! :bigpimp:

But yeah if you are new bikes then the 500 is a good choice. I was freaked out by motorcycles for the longest time but after a month of having the 250 I knew I could handle the 500. The 250 is a fun bike, but if weigh over 200 pounds it might not pull you along as hard.

Ryan... 01-22-2010 07:51 AM

I hate trying to recommend a bike, because everyone has different wants/needs/skill leves/etc... I have one friend that started on a $7000 GSXR 750 and he's absolutely terrified of the thing, it ruined any chance of him becoming a good rider. I started on an old CBR 600 and absolutely love it, put on about 9k miles a year. Another friend started on a Yamaha R1, again, he loves it and puts on over 5k miles a year. It all depends on how familair you are with two wheeled transportation, the roads you travel, your outlook on riding (please, for the love of God, don't buy a bike to pick up chicks, you'll end up in the morgue soon enough) , and your ability to adapt to the completely new world of riding on a bike.

Cars don't see you, animals still don't care where they run, and potholes are impartial. It's absolutely insane to ride bikes, but dammit, it's fun.

Sandmansc 03-14-2010 08:05 PM

First go take an MSF course.

Learn to ride, see if it's even for you.

Then decide what type of bike you want. Do you want to ride slow and cruise or have your rear end above your head and going 180?

If you are a crotch rocket kinda person...start small. Ninja makes a 250R that's pretty sweet looking. You'll out grow that in less than a year. If you want to skip that step, look at something like a Kawi 650R. It has torque and will run with your friends Inline 4's but it's not as likely to get you killed while you learn. A vtwin 650 is about the equivalent of a 300cc inline.

If you can control yourself you could always get a GSXR1000 K7 or has a mode could keep it in C mode and have a 600...or B mode if you want a 750...when you're ready...switch it to A mode and enjoy the 1000cc ride. :angel:

Sandmansc 03-14-2010 08:07 PM

Wow I gotta start looking at dates...hopefully this guy has a bike by now and is still riding. hehe

mlinkibikr 04-09-2010 10:19 AM

There are several good beginner bikes out there - the ones previously mentioned are on that list for sure. My recommendation would be the the Triumph Bonneville. It has great ergonomics for a beginner, is easy on the eyes, and has room to grow into it as well. It's a bike you keep.


compusatman 04-15-2010 09:59 PM

I pray someone else reads this before starting out on the rockets you people are advising. I'm 53 and have been on motos my whole life. Started out on a Briggs mini-bike. Currently in the stable are a Lawson 1000R, '82 GPZ 1100, '01 Ninja 250 (Daughter's), '05 CBR 6RR (Son's) and numerous dirt bikes. My son's and daughter's Dojo is a 5th Degree Black Belt, 29 years old, drives an RX8 (sweet) and is a very coordinated and athletic individual. He decided he wanted to get a bike. He asked advise. Then he asked to ride the 250. I thought...sure. I schooled him a bit and put him on it on a slight downhill grade and said just to slide the clutch easy and stay in first gear for the short piece of road. He popped the clutch, panicked, grabbed the front brake while holding the throttle and gassed it. He held the brade for all it was worth and with the back wheel burning out due to the throttle position I was able to hit the kill switch before he jetted straight into the neighbor's house. My advise to you? Get a used dirt bike and learn to ride before you go scraping up the pavement. A 250 Ninja in the hands of a kneedragger will school the burnout crowd on litre' bikes in the twisties. The 250 is a 14grand screamer and will turn on a dime. Don't discount a little Ninja. And don't ride it on the interstate either. Learn in the dirt...keep your feet in the street.

rifat1100 06-05-2010 04:09 AM

I started out with an Indian Pulsar 220

Bucks_K12RS 04-04-2011 04:08 PM

You have to know yourself. Everyone told me not to get a big bike for my first bike, start with something small. Well, long story short, I found a great deal on a BMW K1200RS. This bike is big and very powerful. I'm 5'10 and 160lbs. I'm not that strong. This bike is heavy but handles well. My advice get some training, (MSF course) and shop and get what you want and buy used. You will likely drop your first bike reguardless of size. Don't buy new to begin. I'm VERY pleased. I've ridden many others since my purchased and not like anything nearly as much. It is the perfect bike for me and my needs. Start there. What do you need? What do you want? What kind of riding do you intend to do? If you keep your head about you you'll be ok. Its the other people on the road that you need to be aware. Awareness it the key. Two years and 30k miles later I feel just as excited about my purchase as the day I made it. Take your time and research. I highly recomend BMWs. On a side note, I took a ride on a 2011 BMW F800ST and would not trade them even for my 01 K bike with over 51k miles. Some people will like the bigger bikes and others the small. Its not a question of experience just preference. I've known some to buy a "beginner" and be ready for something bigger in a matter of weeks.

KarlB 04-04-2011 04:46 PM

Kawasawki 650r for a starter bike (if the new rder likes a sporting style bike) twin engine adequate but not over powering and there are plenty of 09-10 left overs around that can be had for around 4k, also there are lowering options for this bike that will accomodate the height challenged, ride it drop it -- then move up and sell it for a couple grand, cheaper cost than repairing a big bore big you have dropped.
BTW been riding for 41 years

grandparipper 09-15-2011 11:19 PM

Read too
Good advice to go smaller and get used to traffic, invisibility, and lane position before getting a bigger bike. Get David Hough's book, 'The Proficient Motorcyclist' and do the practice tips. Learn from the analysts before you are a statistic. The book should be named, "How to not die". It has saved my bacon a couple of times!

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