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BmwMan92 01-24-2010 11:23 PM

Post your E34 pics
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I saw a thread on the E36 forum and liked all the pictures but i love th e34 so i wanna see everyones so post your pics stock or not upgraded? give us a little list of what? give us a little list lets get some pictures!! :) i paid 400 dollars for mine whatd you pay?

cager169 01-25-2010 12:54 PM

here is mine :)
The before
The after

strobelite 01-25-2010 01:34 PM

its in my sig.

BmwMan92 01-25-2010 02:03 PM

nice i like the progress what color are you painting it?

strobelite 01-25-2010 05:45 PM

hey op, how come the farthest left headlight looks like it has a black eye?

bfp9 01-25-2010 06:31 PM

The OP has one ellipsoid headlight and one freeform. The Ellipsoid is the one on the left, and it is like a xenon setup you see in modern cars today. The right one, or the freeform, is a halogen setup. Many prefer the ellipsoids because they have such better light output, if you have xenons.

strobelite 01-25-2010 06:57 PM

thank you sir.

Conblac 01-25-2010 09:05 PM

Is that the same e34 in the second pic thats a right hand drive?
Or is my eyes playing tricks on me...?

strobelite 01-26-2010 01:15 AM

camera is shooting through the mirror.

cager169 01-26-2010 02:14 PM

i think the headlight of the OP got water inside or something and the color of the car still deciding...i might go with jet or cosmos metallic black. the interior is finally getting redone with new leather...going all black. new dash headliner and pillards everything else is getting recovered. i want to get back to this but i just bought 3 e30's and well i have many toys now :rofl: wife is getting mad at me now :rolleyes: and yes it is a mirror pic i wish it was a RHD :cry:

BmwMan92 01-26-2010 10:16 PM

more people more pics! haha

CarDriver 01-27-2010 06:11 AM

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Here are some recycled pics :dunno: Best I can do for now.

It is time for me to get back in the swing of things. this weekend I will be Replacing the drivers door handle on my Wagon and readjusting the drivers side window regulator. I will also be repairing (for real this time LOL...) the gangster lean in the front seats and saving my penies for the new roof liner and sunroof repair. After that I will begin to order all new outer door and lower exterior moldings. The intirior will recieve a carbon fiber trim kit. Then over the summer I will have it sprayed (Same color) and install all the exterior moldings.

The engine, suspension and exhaust mods will have to wait.

BmwMan92 01-27-2010 05:15 PM

thank you car driver thats the one i wanted to see the most finally lol

whitey21 01-29-2010 08:57 AM

I brought it for $5500 (its cheap in australia) Ive fixed alot of things oil leaks worn bushes etc.. Ive also changed the lights to smoked ones and had some paint work done. I now have H&R sport springs (not in these photos). Soon to buy a dinan engine chip and take the oem fan off and replace with a thermo fan, one day ill buy some underdrive pulleys as well:)

DSDJ1480 01-29-2010 09:50 AM

Hey Whitey.... Love the wheels! What kind, what size, and what tires?

BmwMan92 01-29-2010 10:12 AM

damn thats beautiful i need to get some rims for my car then im gonna drive it til summer than buy another and rebuild mine because it has 201k and it runs fine just dont feel like it has what i need lol

whitey21 01-29-2010 10:55 AM

The tires are pirelli PZero Corsa Systems as for the wheels they came on the car and there isnt a brand name on them so i dont no what kind they are but there 17" by 8 or 8.5.

Its done 198k

BmwMan92 01-29-2010 02:00 PM

well im lovin it im jealous

whitey21 01-30-2010 12:48 AM


BmwMan92 01-30-2010 01:54 AM

yeah no problem i want to see the back to if you can :)

whitey21 01-30-2010 03:28 AM

Thats the only photo i have thats sort of the back. I still dont know about my new tails..

BmwMan92 01-30-2010 09:06 AM

thats one beautiful e34

goosefoot33 01-30-2010 01:17 PM

Unfortunately winter isn't a beautiful time of year to take pictures of my car so I don't have any right now. Can't wait til spring to give the car a good hand wash and full detail! I'm liking everyones pics so far tho :thumbup:

BmwMan92 01-30-2010 05:09 PM

dont you have any pictures already? any count

Alpina Biturbo 01-31-2010 03:43 AM

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