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BnWBMW 02-16-2010 10:22 PM

Welcome! Before making your first post on Bimmerfest, please read this
Welcome to Bimmerfest, and more specifically the E65/E66 7 Series forum.

You are welcome to discuss your 7 and anyone else's 7 freely, but please be aware that there is certain behavior that the rest of us on the board prefer, which may or may not get you kicked out. Most of the time unless you go way over the top (which has actually happened a lot lately, unfortunately) you will not be kicked off. But still keep these preferences in mind if you do not want to be treated worse than you expected coming into the forums.

- If you do not own a 7 series, you are not inferior to us. Just list what car(s) you do own in your profile and/or signature, and we will treat you like another member of the forum. If you do not own a 7 series and your signature says otherwise, we will find out and you will be treated like crap. There's no shame in not owning a 7er and yes you can chat with us if you don't own one.

- We LOVE to see pictures of your 7 when (a) you just bought a 7 and are posting about it (b) you are a previous 7 owner and are introducing yourself for the first time on these forums (c) you are asking a question about a topic in which pictures will definitely help s a lot (d) you received a new upgrade on your 7

- Use the search function if you have a question that you believe may be general in any way. If the previous topics do not answer your question, they should surely answer part of it. If after that you still need help, post the specifics of your situation in a new post or a related one. This will help us try to aid you in the specifics of the problem faster and easier, without having to explain all the general details that have been asked many times.

- Yes, there are some young 7 series owners on these forums. So what? Until you know someone's age for sure, do not make false assumptions. Even when you do find out someone's age, it doesn't matter. If they own a 7 series I'm sure they have a reason for it: old or young. Keep things on-topic.

- Do NOT blow up in an internet-created mini-hissy-fit. Your thread WILL be closed, and/or deleted, and your account may or may not be banned, depending on how pathetic your rant is.

Enjoy your time at Bimmerfest and you will not be let down by the greatness of our community (especially the 7 series one) if you follow these pointers.

BnWBMW 02-16-2010 10:24 PM

P. S.: Do not go crying to the forum moderators if you do not follow these simple recommendations. They will not help you. Instead they will ban you if you lie about owning a Bimmer and/or flip out on a contributing member unexpectedly.

M.Wong 02-16-2010 10:42 PM

Well said. We had a similar message before, but it's worth repeating.


Originally Posted by ImolaMMM (Post 3557983)
If you have questions regarding the 2002- current e65/66(i/Li) you've come to the right place! Welcome to the 7 Series forum!:thumbup: The Bimmerfest 7 series Forum is the most comprehensive/informative site on the web. Here are a few recommendations for all new members:

If you have questions, we ask that you peruse through the first 2-3 pages of threads. In most cases, you will find our hot topics of the past 24-48 hours-maybe your question/answers are within them.:dunno:

Next up is our most powerful resource on the 7 forum, its the SEARCH button. Its located in the toolbar @ the top of the page. It is highly recommended to perform a search before posting a query, that you @ least attempt a SEARCH. This board has been around for 5 years, most questions have been discussed many times. If you are still unable to find an answer, we invite you to post your questions. You will find that the vets/senior members will be more than happy to help you.:thumbup:

I hope this helps you to have a great experience on the 7er Board.:thumbup:


Originally Posted by sunny_j (Post 3559085)
If you have been re-directed here, please take it as a gentle reminder to search first. Many topics have been asked and answered, and the archives are a great resrouce.

This video may help explain. Please click below:


Originally Posted by M.Wong (Post 3799443)
Thanks sunny_j for that reminder! :thumbup:

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