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cnotesdip 07-06-2010 09:26 PM

BEWARE OF ICS Performance over 3k for a aa kit install
I brought my car in to ICS to have my New STG AA KIT 2 with meth injection. It took ICS about 3 weeks to install the kit i paid $2400 i had to get a replacement bov valve because ICS did not know how to fit the bov my kit came with, i drove the car home The EML light was on, i was running super rich so bad i got sick and i smelled like gas for days. The check engine light was missing it did not light up after inspecting the cluster i found half of the screws missing.

AA said it was a boost Leak ICS said it was the tuning. I brought the car back a 2nd time it was a line that was supposed to be plugged i was charge $100, i hit the highway EML light on i call ICS they say is the tuning bring it back in a couple of weeks. I hit up the forums e46fanatics to get some support everyone is telling me that is a boost leak, while driving the car i stop for gas and i notice my engine oil is low i add oil and the engine is building up pressure i never had a problem like this before, i brought the car up ICS again 3rd time i show The owner George the problem along with a broken door handle cable that was broken at ICS

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George says oh you need a oil catch can HPF sells one for $500 i can custom build one for $350, at this point i just want my car back running good so i tell him go ahead 2 weeks later the car is ready. This time i came prepare with a scantool i ask if the EML light is on? he says "no but the coils are bad and so the car goes on limp mode" i'm thinking to myself so yeah the EML light is on i asked to see the dyno chart

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is at 240hp i tell him is suppose to be in the 300s he goes on his iphone does some calculations and says oh is putting out 290s, at this point i know the car is not ready so i call AA right then and there to try to get this issue resolve i get Carl on the phone George says oh the car has a problem i have to fix it, he starts working on the car he does a compression test and the compression is good he does a boost leak check with the smoke machine and the car starts smoking from everywhere

cnotesdip 07-06-2010 09:27 PM

cnotesdip 07-06-2010 09:28 PM

at this point im thinking to myself the oil catch can is useless since it did not solve my problem and ICS wanted $450 for it i mean it was custom made and it looks like crap. The line that goes in the valve cover was now re routed to the oil catch can the line from under the intake manifold was plugged with electrical tape how efficient is that lol. So im told that the intake manifold has to be taken out to plugged all the lines under the intake manifold im thinking to myself this should had been done when the kit was install.

cnotesdip 07-06-2010 09:28 PM

3 weeks later after no one was answering my calls at ICS and my car was not being worked on and it was a different story everytime i decide enough is enough i pick up my car to find a broken control arm bushing which i had replace a week before and a broken hood lever the one inside the car, and a broken dipstick which was replace with the wrong one.

cnotesdip 07-06-2010 09:29 PM

cnotesdip 07-06-2010 09:29 PM

tonytone4143 08-03-2010 06:43 PM

wow!! thats messed up

ICS 06-12-2011 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by tonytone4143 (Post 5370077)
wow!! thats messed up

No sir whats messed is that we have another internet wannabe mechanic, key board warrior.

This car was brought to me because he could not successfully install the super charger kit himself. When I first saw the car and the condition it was in, I should have declined the job.

The Kit was installed successfully by us, I called an informed the customer about the tight fitment of the BOV. I was asked what can I do ? I said contact AA or the other alternative would be to overnight a another BOV and have it welded on. He said get another BOV. The car was on the dyno and would not make the claimed RWHP.

I pulled the intake manifold after smoke testing the vehicle and found numerous leaks in which we repaired them successfully. Re-Dyno'ed the car better but still not correct.

Compression Test, Leak Down Test was performed. Everything checked out. Remember keep in mind guys Time = Money...

We were super swamped at the time, I told the customer the car has come issues that need to be worked out, our labor rate is $95.00 and hour. I will work on your car in between cars to hep you out financially as best as I can.

The customer would annoyingly call, call from blocked number, phone spoofing etc.

I ended up, installing new plugs, new fuel filter, drain the fuel tank, fuel pressure test, extended dyno time at N/C to him.

The Oxygen sensor were with 1/2 inch from each other welded into the dyno pipe... Such a sight I will never forget,

The customer called on a Saturday and was told NOT to take the car it was not completed. He decided to take his vehicle and blame us for the following.

Control Arm Bushing Torn ? (He improperly installed it himself in which caused failure)

Melted Torched O2 Wiring LOL (He installed the O2 Sensors and had the wring laying on the manifold.

Check Engine light bulb removed, we never removed the cluster no need, besides the car does not have any CEL bulbs, the Cluster has LED's

Broken door handle ? The car was delivered to ICS with the door panels dangling not even fastened !

We got blamed for breaking his dip stock handle in which came apart when checking the oil level.

But the Person to Blame should be himself. For wrenching on his own car doing a swap from Auto to Manual and creating issues and blaming everyone else for taking the the time to clean up the mess he started.. Again Time = Money.

I spent 12-15 Hours plus parts and did not charge the customer. We tried to help the customer. We have done many of these kits 1,2,3 successfully without any issues,... Why because the vehicle was un molested when it was brought in for a Basic Super Charger installation.

BTW the last invoice was written up by my Uncle who has nothing to do with billing, customers etc. He does light mechanical work and keeps an eye on the shop. He also told the customer to wait for me and not to take the vehicle.

It's very exhausting responding to one sided, one minded posts such as these.

Lesson learned never take in a POS vehicle such as this one and try to help the customer when he does not appreciate your efforts.

GG///M3 06-17-2011 07:07 AM

This is interesting

StreetPro 02-08-2012 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by ICS (Post 6126232)
The customer would annoyingly call

are you sure about this point?:thumbdwn:

Rare-M\\\ 07-30-2012 09:22 PM

I wouldn't do any work for someone who keeps their engine compartment looking like that!!!! Gross keep that clean... But nice baby toes with the bushing pic, 2 thumbs up!!!

08 335Ci 11-04-2012 06:03 PM

You should consider taking pictures of the cars at check in, and not with a cell phone. Hard to say you did something when you have pictures to back you up.

badvlvo 04-26-2014 03:44 PM

@ICS- I've been in your shoes many times, the internet is great for people airing their grievances but it's also great for hurting business when you can't respond. I'm glad to see your response on here.

My red flags were the control arm bushing and the door latch cable. How did installing a supercharger cause the bushing to fail? And how exactly did installing the supercharger damage the door latch cable?

Sounds like the OP has a POS and some money, but no skills.

milKt 04-27-2014 05:08 AM

The BMW FI community wished that ICS hadn't done it again, but it was obvious.
I remember when Christian brought this problem to the table (multiple forums.)

ICS Performance displayed the same pattern of indifferent, defensive behavior (turning a simple apology, partial refund and repair of a few blatant install issues into an hilarious ICS THUGboat group attack against the OP,
in an attempt to avoid any responsibility.)

It wasn't the fact that Christian's car wasn't pretty
didn't have a few existing issues,
it was the manner with which the shop, Imported Cars of Stamford, made some blatant mistakes, overcharged the customer (based on the estimate) with unnecessary parts
and gathered other forum members to litter the OP with MANY personal attacks and "crap-talk" the OP's car,
instead of simply apologizing and fixing the problems.

This pattern is over ten years old. A quick google and BBB tells the tale.

Don't get me wrong. I know that every business has to deal with "certain" customers and put out fires,
but it's JUST HOW they do it when the internet (multiple BMW forums) is an open window into their customer service skills "theatre".

It's the drama shop and the tales keep coming.

srivkin78 09-30-2014 06:08 AM

Old thread but ICS did two Audi's for me with APR Stage 1+, new injectors and dyno and I had great results both times

this is actually one of my post from anotehr thread along time ago

Ok here are the results...
Base run was 129/hp 158tq
Add --K&N Drop filter 134 hq/159lb tq
Add-Bosch Injectors and APR Stage 1 tune---------------------------

182.91hp 237.57tq at the wheels on Dynojet

****ing cars pulls nice now. Definitely inpressed. George at ICS was the greatest guy. Even took me to the car wash for a free wash/vacuum and window clean.

Forget to get the A/F ratio graph :(

Goodness Reflects the Light; And Evil Bares the Seed to all Darkness; These are Mirrors of the Soul; Reflections of the Mind--Choose Well
corvetteguy78, Jan 22, 2009 Edit Delete Report
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milKt 12-04-2014 03:39 PM

That's an INCORRECT length oil dipstick...
replaced by this BMW shop. :rofl:


That will cause catastrophic engine failure.
VERY not cool...


Originally Posted by cnotesdip (Post 5307249)

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