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poolman 08-16-2010 12:45 PM

Car Soft Questions
I'm looking at laptops for work and also going to purchase the Carsoft software for
my car. Will Carsoft enable me to do a couple of things like for instance --reset
my adaptation settings and also would I be able to raise my idle rpm by like 50
rpm's per min--just wondering what I might be able to do concerning the tuning
of my engine with software such as this--could one reprogram the DME?

bricas45 08-16-2010 01:17 PM

First question yes Carsoft can reset adaptations. It's reprogramming of th dme is really limited to things like locking the doors when you get up to speed, USA to European seatings, etc. To reprogram the DME you still need something more like DIS/SSS. Carsoft hardware can allow you to run INPA and DIS however ;). You can look up the procedures for this install.

bluebee 08-16-2010 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by bricas45 (Post 5399914)
First question yes Carsoft can reset adaptations .

FWIW, there's a specific Bimmerfest E39 thread on just what Carsoft can and cannot do.

You won't do better than to look that one up.

Even resellers of Carsoft had posted to that thread to clear up misconceptions about what it does and doesn't do.

andyffer 08-16-2010 04:04 PM

ehh just get a GT1

doru 08-16-2010 04:52 PM

What Andy said.
A friend of mine has the Carsoft and we played a bit with it. Seems decent, but then we discovered a few bugs - it throws some errors concerning the oil pressure if I'm not mistaken. Also, it cannot access all the modules. Then, later on we found out that it could mess your adaptation values for good (I know you can store the original/OEM, but God knows how these knock-off Chinese software really work). This kinda scared my friend from using it, so now he is talking me into buying a GT-1 (together of course). This I might give a try.
Also, what Donna suggested. There might be some "decent" knock-offs which will not mess your car up (Carsoft $$ < GT-1 $$)

poolman 08-16-2010 06:14 PM

Sounds like Carsoft isn't what I'm looking for---I want a program that can tune the engine for what I want
it to do--sorta like in the old days when you could advance timing and mess with the carb so as to create
more power--or set everthing up for more better mileage

bluebee 08-16-2010 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by poolman (Post 5399825)
I'm looking at laptops for work and also going to purchase the Carsoft software for my car.

Hi Poolman,
I found the thread that explained what Carsoft does and doesn't do. It's here.

Bear in mind, the discussion got so heated at one point that the moderators (I guess it was them) removed some of the posts because there was a discussion of what the pirated Carsoft would and wouldn't do.

For example, the pirated Carsoft wouldn't reset the door lock feature but the real thing did reset the door lock feature.

Anyway, there's the thread (what's left of it) for you.
Good luck!

Josh P. 08-17-2010 04:32 AM

Also don't forget you need an older PC: i.e. one with Win XP and (harder) a serial port.

edjack 08-17-2010 05:18 AM


The diagnostic tools at the dealer cannot "reprogram" the DME as you wish to do, only download patches from BMW AG.

There are a few "tuners" (e.g., Dinan) who have spent much time and money to disassemble the firmware in the DME to modify it to their needs.

The Shark comes close to what you want, but, it, too, just downloads a fixed patch. Reports from users of the Shark do not reveal quantum leaps in performance.

These engines are so well optimized that you need to extensively modify them to extract significantly more power. Supercharging and nitrous oxide are two proven routes to more power.

BTW, there is an old TSB that allows the dealer to bump the idle RPM by 100, for those who complain.

poolman 08-17-2010 05:43 AM

Well--looks like I live with what I have and head to the dealer and have the adaptation values reset and see
if they can bump my idle up a bit--checked the idle last night and it's around 715--to--720. I thought the idle should be around 750---it doesn't get there with or without the air conditioner on ----Hmmmmmm

540iman 08-17-2010 04:19 PM

I just received my updated Carsoft (8.4). As others have said, Carsoft can not raise the idle, advance timing, or anything even remotely like this. NO TUNING- just reading and clearing. The only thing in the way of programming it can do is auto door locks and a couple of other "features" you could specify to you dealer if you were the first owner.

Blue Bee is absolutely correct in that people who had pirated Carsoft 6.5 found that some of the features that a "legit" copy of Carsoft can do, their pirated software would act-up or only work through the 20 pin under-hood socket or whatever. They made false claims that Carsoft would not do this or that, but it was their pirated software. Carsoft 6.5 was NEVER sold to the public EVER! Anyone who is not a dealer who claims to have Carsoft 6.5 has a pirated copy. 7.3 was the very first version of Carsoft that was mass marketed to the public. The 6.5 software has been pirated so many times it is hard to believe it still does anything!

I tried all the "add a serial port" cards and such that emulate a serial port, but found less-than good results. I now use my IBM notebook with XP and a real serial port. The consumer versions of Carsoft are 7.3-8.0-8.4. Not all that much functional difference between them except that the latest versions will add newer cars that it can work with. I think 8.4 is basically good to 2006's- I can't recall for sure as I don't care, buying it only to use on my E39. The documentation is a little lacking in my opinion.

poolman 08-17-2010 04:37 PM

That settles that--I'll go to the dealer and pay the money to have the idle set up and what ever updates that
are out there to be incorperated into the DME----dang--all computors should be able to talk to each other
with ease--guess ya gotta learn their language instead of they learning ours.

bluebee 08-17-2010 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by 540iman (Post 5402839)
I just received my updated Carsoft (8.4)..

That post has got to be the BEST succinct explanation of what Carsoft can and cannot do! I added it to the bestlinks thread along with the other Carsoft (closed by the moderators) thread so we can refer to it in the future when someone asks.

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