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Autotechguy773 09-16-2010 02:13 PM

DTC 210?!?! Transmission swap problems
Hey Guys, Im quiting the autorepair business because of this situation I have.
At my Repair Shop, Were working on a 95 740i 4.0 BMW. It Came in with a Slipping Transmission Problem. I had both of my technicians drive it, and it was bad. The local dealership didnt have much access to new/reman units, and for the time it would have taken to get one and the cost (more than than the book value of the car), I decided to go down the used route. Ive had alot of good experiences going to LKQ Keystone, they issue good quality, well warranties parts. Through, the best mileage on a unit I could find was around 90K. I ordered it. Now obviously they have to drain any fluids from that type of a unit before shipping. The stock fluid is the Esso 71141, and after doing research on other ATF that meet the spec, I thought Id be safe and spend $50.00 a liter (WHOA?!!?) from my local dealership and do things by the book. I had my Euro/BMW certified tech remove and install this thing by the book. 5HP30 to a 5HP30. We made sure to match the ID on the Trany Unit itself. After everything was completed and checked. The tech took it out for a test drive. Was fine for about 10-15 miles. Then as far as i can see, "Trans Program" came onto the message center on the Dash, and the car went into safe mode. First we checked the dtc system through manual entry with the gas pedal, and came up with no codes. We then Scanned the Car with the BMW Scanner a friend of mine in the business had. This is what came up.

Engine Codes through PCM:

210 CAN Interface, Gearbox/Transmission Intervention Version DME

ABS Codes through ABS Module:

24 seat-belt lock, driver's side
25 seat-belt lock, passenger's side
17 power supply failure

Transmission Codes through TCM:

"Communication Not Available"

At this Point, we didnt have access to the scanner, and had some kind of electric diagrams/computer pin charts to go by (not very accurate). We checked the wire harnesses for the TCM and the PCM, they looked fine. Both Units seemed to be getting power (although we could measure to spec without the spec measurements). Ive made ALOT of phone calls and done alot of research. I dont know if the existing computer is not communication with the PCM properly, I dont know if it has a bad torque converter, I dont know if the existing computer needs to be flashed or reprogrammed to the new serial of the new transmission (even though the model numbers match, the serial/electronic ID may not). I dont know. Ive been told from a few people that if there is a code coming up with the PCM, it would in fact make the car go into safe mode. But I have found NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER on PCM Code 210. I dont know what to do. Please Help me. Anyone with experience/with Good Advice would be So Very Greatly Appreciated.

Monolith 09-16-2010 02:55 PM

You don't need to flash a BMW transmission controller. I'll look into the code and post further. I would be more concerned about the power supply code. Check your battery and make sure it's up to snuff. A low battery/bad alternator can cause the transmission to go into fail safe mode.

If the fail safe code is temporary, shutting down the car for 2 minutes and restarting will clear the trans fail code and set the check engine light but the car will perform as normal. Is the car resetting after turning it off for 2 minutes?

Is this an "EH" version transmission? (look on the serial plate - will be in large block letters)

1993 740i Wiring Diagrams Link <--- Click Here - (best I can do)

According to the '93 wiring diagrams pins 87 (RX -receive) and 88 (TX - transmit) of the EGS (TCU) are the data link pins and 85 and 86 go to the DME with pin 84 going to the shield of 85 and 86. Pins 85 and 86 of the EGS go to the same pin (85 and 86) of the DME. I would do a continuity test between the EGS and DME pins.

CAN = Controller Area Network - two wire communication system between modules in the car

CAN Bus Information Link <--- Click Here

The CAN bus (controller area network) is a serial bus system, in which all connected stations are equally
entitled, i.e. each control unit can both send as well as receive. In other words, the connected control units
can 'communicate' and exchange oinrfmation via the lines. Due to the linear structure of the network, the
bus system is fully available for all other stations in the event of one failing. The connection consists of 2
data links (CAN_L and CAN_H) that are interference-protected by means of shielding (CAN_S). At present,
the AGS and DME control units are interconnected with this system. Linking in of further controls will follow.
The connected control units must have the same CAN status. The CAN status can be checked via the
diagnosis interface. The CAN status (bus index) is specified on the identification of the relevant control unit
connected to the CAN bus.

Following information can be interchanged via CAN with the adaptive electronic transmission controls EGS:

Terminal 15 (ignition ON)
Engine speed
Coolant temperature
Engine load signal
Vehicle speed
Throttle angle
A/C compressor
Engine torque reduction by ignition timing adjustment
Torque converter clutch opened or closed
Selected drive program
Selector lever
Current drive stage
Deceleration fuel cut-out active or not active.

Guest091814 09-16-2010 02:59 PM

And why would you quit your auto repair business for this? Shyt happens in every business, just keep moving forward.

Autotechguy773 09-17-2010 08:38 AM

Thank You Monolith
I had forgot to mention that the battery didnt seem to be charging perfectly, so we changed it. The Engine Code Came up, was erased and came up again all after the battery was replaced.

Monolith 09-17-2010 08:39 AM

Sounds like a bad alternator.

Autotechguy773 09-17-2010 09:34 AM

Alternator is Good and is charging, Ill double check, but we tested it. Also we checked with the continuity just some time ago, and it is perfect. So at this point, because ur telling me the TCU does not need to be flashed, I had already ordered a used computer and Were gonna see if it does the trick. If when u start the car, the PCM Code coming out is indicating Communication BUS error between the PCM and the TCU, no pinched wires, good continuity, im hoping its the Transmission Computer, no Ill Rephrase, Im Praying, lol. If you have any more ideas or advice I would still Very much appreciate it though, and thank you for ur help up until this point.

kwakaturbo 09-18-2010 08:26 PM

hi guys im currently looking at buying a 95 740 which is in fail safe mode,after reading this thread do these transmissions suffer with mechanical problems or is it more electrical

balance 09-19-2010 11:53 AM

From what I'm reading on the internet, both! :D

I would never buy an E38 with a failsafe message on the dash.

Autotechguy773 09-20-2010 07:32 AM

Fail Safe Mode Resolution
FINALLY! We ordered a used Computer, Same Model, Same Serial. After Checking the Pinpoints for Continuity between Trany Module and PCM, everything Checked ok. We Installed the New Trany Module, and Ran it. Everything is gone, Shifts Great, no Safe Mode. All Set. Thank You for Other Posts/Advice especially Monolith. GG

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