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vincent1111 10-06-2010 02:55 PM

SRS trouble!
Hi guys. hope your beemers are giving you trouble free enjoyment!

I've recently bought a 1995 5 series 520i. I've normally had e28's and early e34's so the 'newer' technology wasn't obvious to me. While stopping off at a service station after buying the car I noticed the hazards came on when the ignition was fully switched off. The next day a realised the front shockers were completely gone. I can only assume that the deceitful idiot I bought it from hit a road hump at high speed, set the srs crash sensors off and stuffed the airbag back in the steering wheel. Can I reset the OBC in any way?

Any help would be much appreciated


zaleonardz 10-09-2010 09:11 AM

Incorrect assumption there Vincent.

If the airbag imploded, trust me... you will know about it, the entire casing that houses the airbag will be ripped in the middle

Whats more possible however is either that at some point the gent unhooked the airbag for some reason or that the slipring for the airbag is worn.

There is no magic reset combination to reset the SRS airbag module, however any indy with some basic tools could do it, and he can read the error as well.

The error should tell you whats wrong, either its open circuit at some point, or its currently open circuit (slipring) or the SRS module recorded a detonation of the airbag and the dude put another steering wheel on.

Have you got 2 airbags (one drivers steering wheel, the other passager side dash) as the passanger airbag was an option on the E34

vincent1111 10-10-2010 11:52 AM

Thanks for the info zaleonardz. Really helpful.

Somebody else has just told me the same thing about the steering wheel being a mess after a detonation so I'm assuming that another steering wheel was put on after the SRS module was set off as there's no passenger airbag.

Thanks again for the insight. (like your cars as well!)


zaleonardz 10-10-2010 12:09 PM

Im still not convinced that the airbag has been deployed, it could be as simple as a wire being off or a bad connection... Have it diagnosed, it will tell you for sure, and will also tell you if the airbag module has been detonated, i doubt it though...

Oh, and ta man... yea i love my babies :P

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