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BeemerMikeTX 10-06-2010 04:59 PM

K1300GT Final Drive Oil Change
I just got my October 2010 issue of BMW Owners News . . . and read the EIGHT PAGE (with pictures) article on how to change the oil in a K1300GT final drive. Seriously?! Eight pages? Do you really have to remove the muffler, the rear tire, and the rear brake caliper just to change the FD oil? The author describes the procedure as "very straight-forward and easy to do". Really? Apparently, the K1300 FD design was improved from the K1200, because you no longer have to disconnect the FD from the driveshaft to change the oil.

Here is the "straight-forward and easy to do" procedure for changing the FD oil in my R1100RS:
1. Put bike on centerstand.
2. Remove female allen fill plug.
3. Remove hex-head drain plug.
4. Let old oil drain out.
5. Replace hex-head drain plug.
6. Fill with new oil up to base of fill hole.
7. Replace female allen fill plug.
8. Take the bike out for a ride.

The procedure is essentially the same for my K75S and my R90S.

I'm guessing that K1300GT owners will change their FD oil when they change their rear tire so they can minimize rear-end dismantlings. At least BMW provided them with a drain plug, which is more than the current BMW car owners get. :rolleyes:

KarlB 10-08-2010 05:00 AM

short answer would be no. for a couple of years BMW decided that the FDs had a lifetime fill and deleted the drain hole making it more diificult to perform, then their brain fart ended and they gave back the drain hole--- I dont have a K13GT and havent gotten my OCt issue yet but cant see where you need to remove all of that to do it--- I will comment further after Ihave read the article though.

BMWMOA # 13687

for a good K bike site try

BeemerMikeTX 10-08-2010 06:16 AM

KarlB - Wait until you see the pics in the October issue. Apparently the dismantling is required because the fill plug hides behind the rear wheel and the drain plug is located directly ABOVE the rear caliper.

Yes, I agree that the lack of a drain plug in the K1200 was probably due to the "lifetime" fill, and BMW probably later decided that maybe you do need to change the lifetime fill once in awhile to prevent premature FD failures, so they added a drain plug to the K1300 FD. Unfortunately for owners, the fill and drain plugs do not appear to be in easily accessible locations as they used to be. Hopefully, this design was not driven by cosmetic reasons.

Now that BMW cars have lifetime fills in the differentials and no drain plugs, I wonder what the "lifetime" of the differentials will be.

KarlB 10-09-2010 05:12 AM

still didnt get my issue but can say you can pull the rear wheel without taking exhaust et al off-- pull one bolt and shove the slip on to the outside of its brackets and you have clearance to remove the rear wheel, caliper should be 2 bolts so a little more of a pain in the arse than an air/oilhead or even K1200RS (done fd changes on all of them) not a big deal but tming it with a rear tire change would be easy since the new K bikes go thru them lke tic tacs--- I only get 3-4k miles out of rear tires--- but those are oh so fun miles!!!
I def wish when they go to "lifetime fills" they would still make allowances for those that "want" to change the fluid

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