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Mpire 02-13-2011 08:29 AM

Z3: A Few spare parts...For Sale...
So I need to sell a few things to offset the recent purchase of my second S54 M Coupe. This is the large stuff. I also have a complete wiring harness for the whole car, and every little module and box and controller unit etc. I will be adding to the inventory when I get time. At the moment I am too busy cleaning the car to mess with it. I just had to get the big stuff sorted so I can get all the cars in the garage easily.:thumbup:

I will be updating this thread with pricing as I get each item boxed and wrapped separately in bubble wrap. All shipping will be USPS priority mail for the small stuff. If anyone wants to comment on pricing, please chime in.

Dinan M Coupe Muffler. Ready to bolt up. No mods necessary. $700? Shipping to LA would be $85, closer would be cheaper of course.

Supertrapp M Coupe Mufflers. Complete with pipes etc, ready to bolt up. $350 Shipping to LA would be $58, closer would be cheaper.

Sway Bars $50

Coupe Sub Box $250

S52 Fan Shroud / Overflow tank $50

A/C Fan. $50

Engine Fan and Clutch $25

Z3 Diff cover taken off 3.46 torsen diff when new. $100

Battery Box Cover $50

Complete S52 Coupe Suspension with H&R Lowering Springs $300

Complete S54 Suspension Stock $350

HK Stereo M Coupe Amp & Speakers (Sub speaker included but not shown.) (Roadster Amps available as well.) $100

Bosch M Coupe ABS / Traction Control Pump $250

Rear Roller Shade M Coupe with Net $400

End Caps for Roller Shade $100

Set of M Coupe Rotors. Uses approximately 7500 miles. $100

A/C Dryer with Rubber Caps on top? $10

M Coupe Headliner, Pickup Only. $50

M Oil Filter Housing

S52 M Coupe Traction Control / ABS Pump

Bosch M Coupe Stabiltiy Control Module $200

EWS Module $100

Stock Blinker Controller $50

S52 M Coupe DME Siemens $400

Coupe Hatch and side window trims $300

B Pillar Trim $200

Door Lock Actuators $50 each

Shorty 4 Inch Antenna $10 with purchase of anything else

New Oil Pan Gasket

Rear Hatch Roller Shade Trim $75

Mpire 02-13-2011 07:44 PM

I have lots more parts, but I haven't got time to put them all here right now.

Cruise Control brain. $50

Front Wheel Sensors for ABS/ASC

Rear Wheel Sensors for ABS/ASC

Airbag Control Module $50

Black M Coupe Seatbelts $200 obo

Hood Release Handle, cables, and latches. $40

Chime $10

Rear Hatch Chrome Lift Handle & Actuator $75

Rear Hatch Latch Hardware $20

SRS Side Impact Sensors

CD43 and Factory Changer (Selling as a set only) Also have a CD43 from the Roadster for sale. $750 for Set, $400 for CD43. Excellent Condition

M Mobility Kit

Carbon Metallic Brake Pads Front and Rear $50

M Coupe Shift Lever (Great for non-M cars) $50

Front License Plate Holder - never used. $25

ASC Throttle Body + Used Boot & New Boot

Cruise Control Module $50

Ground Control Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement $25

Rear shock tower reinforcement & Flip plates $25

Rear Hatch Tie Downs $50 Set

4 Original Headlight bulbs. Pulled Immediately. $20

Sway Bar End Links (Missing part in photo is included) $25

Speed Bleeder Brake Bleeder Screws $15

Steering Column Surround Trim $50

Steering Column Control stalks $75

Rear Roller Shade Catches $50

Rear net catches $50

Cosmos Painted Black Tow Hook Covers $50

Stock S52 Injectors $50

Drivers side Sunshade $40

Ebrake Lever with Black Leather Ebrake Handle Assembly $100

Coupe Rear Speaker Grills $50

Window & Sunroof Switches $20 each

edocm 02-13-2011 10:05 PM

Interested in the 3.15 differential, how much? Please pm me.

Mark Thompson 02-14-2011 05:16 AM

how much for the cd 43? I don't need the cd changer. Pm me with a price .

submit 02-14-2011 05:36 AM

Willing to ship the Dinan cans? If so PM me the price to 45209.

simple_simon 02-14-2011 11:57 AM

PM sent

z3couper 02-14-2011 11:58 AM

How much for the S54 suspension shipped to 85383, and how many miles are on it?

Mpire 02-14-2011 06:39 PM

I replied to everyone via PM.

All the S52 parts are from a car converted to a race car. So its not junk yard quality or anything. It was all pulled in good condition and wrapped in bubble wrap.

The S54 parts are just extras from the new car that I bought recently. I have all these things in storage anyway, so I figure there is no need to keep more than one of everything. I have known this car since new.

The S54 has 60k miles on it now, so I would say less than half the mileage on any of the used parts.

The S52 parts were pulled when converting to a race car. I would say less than 50k, but I really don't know.

Everything is wrapped in bubble wrap and stored inside the house in the guest bedroom, so nothing is sitting outside in the rain or anything like that.

Anyone want to come up with some suggestions for where to find boxes that will fit these mufflers?

Mpire 02-14-2011 07:05 PM

One Side Door Airbag $50, One passenger Airbag $50

Z3 Diff New Output Flanges $50

Hatch Shock $25

Rear Hatch Trim & Fuel Rail Cover $100 & $50

Center Divider $500

C Pillar Trim Pieces $75

Tool Tray (a little dusty, but otherwise in excellent shape) $25

Rear Wiper & Wiper Motor (Excellent condition pulled from S54) $75

MVXIMUS 02-14-2011 09:54 PM

Let me know if you have a set of kidney grills for sale!

alijonny 02-14-2011 09:56 PM

interested in the rear strut mount reinforcements, and shorty antenna if still available. Shipped to Hammond, IN 46324.

Mpire 02-14-2011 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by alijonny (Post 5849325)
interested in the rear strut mount reinforcements, and shorty antenna if still available. Shipped to Hammond, IN 46324.

Which strut tower reinforcements? Just PM me an offer plus applicable shipping.

The sooner I get rid of some of this stuff, the sooner I can dig into the closet upstairs and start posting the good stuff.

Shipping rates for everything that will fit in USPS boxes is as follows:

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope $4.95 12-1/2" x 9-1/2"
Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope $4.95 12-1/2" x 9-1/2"
Priority Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope $4.95 15" x 9-1/2"
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Envelope $4.95 10" x 6"
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box $5.20 8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8"
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box (FRB1) $10.95 11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box (FRB2) $10.95 13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8"
Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box (Domestic Addresses) $14.95 12" x 12" x 5-1/2"

Mpire 02-14-2011 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by MVXIMUS (Post 5849321)
Let me know if you have a set of kidney grills for sale!

I think I am going to use them to decorate the carbon fiber hood hanging on the wall in my living room.

If you buy the hood, you can have the kidney grills free.

Mpire 02-15-2011 01:27 PM

Updated list with more stuff...


M Side Grills, new Unpainted. Z3 Side Grills, new Unpainted.

Grey Leather M Seats. Excellent condition, probably better than excellent considering age.)

Carbon Fiber Hood

Black Door Panels

UAS Car Alarm Plug and Play, almost new.

Wood Center Console 2001+ Panels

Black Center Console

Topaz Leather Door Skins. New. (Just tops are topaz, bottoms are black.) $1500

Topaz Z3 Seats. Very Good condition.

Full Brown Leather Interior. $2000 (Door Panel Inserts, Both Seats in Immaculate Condition, Shift boot, Ebrake Boot)

Mpire 02-15-2011 02:46 PM

I may have a 3 spoke steering wheel and airbag for sale too. Going to swap in the E46 M3 Unit.

Depending on the replacements, I have a set of roof rails for the Coupe. New Factory Pieces but are for cars with SUNROOFS (different gaskets). I ordered a new set for cars without sunroofs.

The Other CD43 unit. Excellent condition etc. Been stored for years though.

Blaupunkt Stereo with infinitely adjustable colors. Like New. Everything is included, IPOD, MP3, USB, etc. $150

Factory Sub Enclosure with woofer in good condition.

Euro Z3 Passenger side (in US Drivers side) door handle. Allows deletion of door lock tumbler.

Drivers side Knee Panel or bottom half of dash.

Custom puck jack stands. Fits early style Z3 lift points perfectly.

E36 Manual $50

Roadster Sub Enclosure

Z3 Pre-2000 Trunk lift handle. Just adheres using adhesive tape and thats it. Chrome, looks cool. Factory part.

Mpire 02-15-2011 02:58 PM

Also 4 SSR Competition-H for sale with almost new tires.

Super light weight wheels.

17" with Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R.

265 rear and 235 front. M Coupe fitments.

Tires $600, they are new. I would just put them on the stock rims if no one wants them. New they are over $200 each.

Wheels $1200

Mpire 02-15-2011 03:11 PM

S54 2001+ Headlight Internals. Perfect. Lenses $150. Reflectors $100

Convert your pre-2000 lights to the updated style.

New pulls from brand new Lights before I installed the Projector Zs.

Also have Passenger side clear turn signal for $25. (Goes inside headlight housing.)

simple_simon 02-15-2011 04:00 PM

PM sent. Waiting for reply.

Mpire 02-15-2011 04:38 PM

Anyone know where I might source some boxes that would fit the exhausts?

pap 02-15-2011 04:50 PM

Prices for:

- Standalone CD43? I assume there's no difference between units for coupe (which I have) and roadie. Is this a direct replacement for the factory Business AM/FM/cassette?

- Seat belts? Good retractors I assume?

- Rear hatch shock (just one?)


Mpire 02-15-2011 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by pap (Post 5850926)
Prices for:

- Standalone CD43? I assume there's no difference between units for coupe (which I have) and roadie. Is this a direct replacement for the factory Business AM/FM/cassette?

- Seat belts? Good retractors I assume?

- Rear hatch shock (just one?)


Yes, one rear hatch shock. Other was sold a while back. Make offer.

Seat belts are in very good condition.

CD43 will plug into just about any BMW from the era and work with the BUS system.

No one is interested in the CD changer? What gives?

Mpire 02-15-2011 05:14 PM

Item gone.

Mpire 02-15-2011 05:25 PM

Not sure I am ready to sell this....


clintjg 02-15-2011 07:39 PM

Hey, I need the DSC control module sensor from under the drivers seat.

z3couper 02-15-2011 07:54 PM

Planning to post prices, or is this more like a garage sale, just make an offer?

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