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coug60 04-23-2011 10:16 AM

Any Suggestions
Brake job coming up...
Went by the dealership yesterday for some scheduled maintenance (it ended up being just a vehicle inspection) and my SA told me the next scheduled visit would be for front brakes and a few other items with rear brakes not that far behind. So figured I might as well knock out the rear ones too. I asked him if I could bring in my own parts since I want to upgrade from OEM and have them used instead and he said no problem.
Since are rotors are always replaced I am going to go with a slotted design but am not familiar with buying rotors. Have always just gone with stock ones from the dealer.
I see quite a few different brands and types on eBay along with pads.
Anybody with knowledge/experience would be greatly appreciated.

These are some that I might be interested in...

Yorgi 04-23-2011 12:21 PM

I would stick to OEM rotors mainly because of their two piece design - aluminum hat and steel rotor rings. But if you want drilled you have to go aftermarket.

Most aftermarket rotors are junk. They tend to use lower quality steel than OEM and have poor runout specs (slight warping of rotor during manufacture). Max runout allowable by BMW is 0.10mm (0.004"), so very tight tolerances and most aftermarket manufactures cut corners to keep prices low.

Centric (parent company of StopTech) has very high end facilities and are one of the few suppliers that can match or exceed OEM quality. Centric is probably your best bet if you want drilled. There are a bunch of German suppliers that are good too but I have not seen many of them making 6er rotors.

One of your DRT eBay links says Centric are their supplier so those will be OK. The other DRT eBay link are Zimmerman which are a German OE supplier to BMW, but from what I've seen those "silver coated" rotors are lower quality and will rust over time. No idea how good those R1 Concept rotors are, but they look like they may be re-branded Centric too.

Note that slotted rotors buzz a bit when you brake hard and they also eat pads faster than non-slotted. Drilled don't have these issues.

coug60 04-23-2011 01:59 PM

Thanks Yorgi for the education... Centric it is... Going to give them a shot... And drilled only, read that the slotted are severe overkill for the street and basically just need for the track...

Any suggestions on Brake Pads ie Ceramic or Metallic?
Im looking at these on eBay...

tampamark 04-23-2011 02:13 PM

If you get the Zimmerman make sure and paint the hats. They will rust and look like junk over time, especially with the open rims like you have. I used those in my Porsche and they were great.

Yorgi 04-23-2011 04:31 PM

I am not a fan of EBC. They dust and are a hard on rotors. They are popular in the UK since they are made there.

I do like Hawk pads though.

The HPS will stop better than OEM pads. They are equal to OEM pads or maybe a little more aggressive when it comes to rotor wear and they dust a little less. These pads can be noisy sometimes.

I used the Hawk Ceramic on the rear of my M3 before I installed a BBK. They are very easy on rotors, create about 1/3 the dust of OEM and the dust easily washes off. Not sure how well they stop compared to OEM since I had them on the back only, but I think they are close to OEM - maybe 10% less initial bite.

Right now I am using StopTech Street Performance on the 650i and they about equal to OEM in stopping grip, have practically zero dust and are easy on rotors. Also zero noise.

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