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Land O'Lakes Fr 05-15-2011 05:26 AM

2000 750il torque converter removal/installation
Has anyone actually personally as a DIY replaced the torque converter in their 750il ?
I am looking for a tutorial for the V-12 transmission/torque converter removal and installation from an actual DIY V-12 owner (thanks, but it's not the same procudure as the V-8). Once I complete this task, I will share my experience with the forum, but for right now I really need V-12, 750il SPECIFIC guidance.

Service manuals go gung-ho on removing everything in sight, yet I know from past experience that certain jobs can be performed leaving certain things installed, such as exhaust systems.

Thanks in advance for any assistance specific to the V-12 750il.

balance 05-15-2011 01:23 PM

I'd imagine that it would be just like any other torque converter removal on any other car. I don't know if there are any extra steps on the V-12 model, but I don't see why there would be.

-Disconnect battery
-Take off the starter
-Take off exhaust system under transmission
-Take off driveshaft
-Disconnect electrical connections and transmission lines from the transmission
-Remove the torque converter bolts from the flywheel
-Remove the transmission mounts and bell housing bolts with jack under transmission
-Lower transmission and pull out the torque converter

If you've heard of any extra steps on the V-12 models, I'd be interested in hearing them just out of curiousity.

joyism5 05-16-2011 07:28 AM

I have not done it, I could pull out the steps for removal/installation for the 2000 750 . It is a little bit confusing since I didn't pull the pictures too. I will try that later ... Hope it helps :

Removing and installing automatic transmission (A5S 560Z)

Note: After completing work, check transmission oil level and top up if necessary, refer
to Automatic Transmission Fluid, Service and Repair.
Disconnect battery, refer to instructions on connecting and disconnecting battery.
On M73 engine:
Remove engine cover.
Remove complete exhaust system
Remove heat shield (1)
Remove heat shield and brackets for left and right splash guards
Cable clamping up to 8.95
Fit special tool 24 5 240 to the shift lever
Note: Only possible to fit in "P" setting
Loosen nut (1)
Adjust shiftt lever refer to Selector Shafth, Service and Repair
Cable clamping from 8.95

Brace clamping bush (1) and loosen nut (2).
Adjust shifth lever, refer to Selector Shaft, Service and Repair.
Lift out retaining plate (1) with a screwdriver. Remove cable (2).

Remove heat shield on left front axle support.
Remove bracket for oil lines on engine oil pan
Place oil container below
Unfasten screw and remove oil lines.
Replace O-rings

Support transmission with specaal tool 00 2 030/24 0 170.
Unclip cable for oxygen sensors on transmssion cross-member
Unfasten screws and remove transmission crossmember
Tightening Torque, refer to Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Specification
Disconnect propeller shaft from transmssion flange and tie up to one side.

Unlock plug connection (1-2) and disconnect.
Unclip cable on transmission case.
Lift of cover
Engine M62 & M73
Pull of cable connector (1)
Caution : If the impulse sensor is fitted to a new transmission, the impulse sensor must
be readjusted !

Unfasten 4 retaining screws for torque converter with special tool 24 1 110
Tightening Torque, refer to Automatic Transmmission/Transaxle Specifications
Unscrew screw.
Press guide tube for positive battery lead downwards slightly

M60/M62 englne : Fit special tool 23 3 030 between oil pan and front axle support

Engine M73
Fit special tool 11 7 310 between engine oil pan and front axle support
Move front wheels over to left lock
Lower transmmssion
Protect torque converter from slipping out
To do this insert special tool 24 4 131 / 24 4 135 in opening of transmission housing and
clamp togge convener an place

Unfasten screws
Pull transmmssion backwards and lower

When installlng the transmmssion, special tool 24 2 300 must be aligned with bore in
drive plate
Bore (1) and drive plate must be accessible from aperture in oil pan.

Screw special tool 24 2 300 into the threaded bore (1)
If applicable, twist torque converter until bore with special tool 24 2 300 points

Check dowel sleeves
lf necessary, remove dowel sleeves from transmission case and mount new dowel
sleeves an engine block
Replace damaged dowel sleeves


Removing And Installing Or Replacing Torque Converter :

Screw specral tool 24 4 000 into the torque converter
Note : When torque converter is removed, transmssion oil flows out
Remove torque converter
Caution! When installing, avoid damaging seal and bearing.
Slide torque converter into transmission and rotate, applying slight pressure
until recesses in torque converter locate audibly in primary pump.
Drive torque converter firmly home.

Sorry for the spelling errors , the soft is a little bit outdated ...

edognight 08-28-2012 08:14 AM

I have removed a torque converter and I did not use a special tool, but the engine was sitting on the floor. I hoisted the engine up and there is an access hole in the bottom of the engine, point a socket back, facing the rear of the engine, and shoot a bolt off one at a time, turning the engine over between bolts. I did not use a special tool.

I don;t know if this will help or not.

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