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LeVandaman 06-05-2011 08:33 PM

K75 Project
Hey guys/gals

I have just received a 1995 K75 FOR FREE! My dad purchased a '91 (i think) K75 which is in really clean condition with 50K miles and the guy threw in the '95 as a parts bike. The '95 got flooded during hurricane Ike so it doesn't run at all and a lot of the electronics are shot and the engine is going to need rebuilding but I am determined to get it running again. I am new to the motorcycle scene but not new to BMW's (as you can probably see in my sig). I believe I can get this bike running again as my e30 barely ran when I purchased her but now she is a beast.

Like I mentioned before I am new to the motorcycles and don't really know that much but I want to learn and hope you guys will help me out. I will post pics tomorrow of both my project and my dad's bike and try to keep up with the project on here but we will see how it goes. Any ideas or suggestions as to the direction of this project are welcomed and appreciated. I would also like an tips as to performance gains (handling and power) as well.


B-1 Pilot 06-06-2011 08:29 PM

dude you have on your hands the two of the best, easiest to maintain and run motorcycles there are... besides flooding is there anything wrong with the 95 K75? how many miles on it? This is BMW that they wish they still made... so dependable... not even really broken in till you get 100,000 miles on it... some have ridden them for over 500,000 miles with minor maintenance. I envy you for your future fun of getting it up and running!

seriously check our the BMW motorcycle riders of america... dont know how much of the forums you can access without being a member, but there are plenty of old times there who relish talking guys through how to restore their BMW bikes... they are like bimmer fanatics only slightly different.

Good Luck!

Shabba 11-04-2011 08:13 PM

I'm obviously late to this and reviving an older thread, but I had to get a word in. I've got a '91 and LOVE it, an S model. Best bike I've ever owned and it was a good way for me to get back into (onto) a BMW after a 5 year absence. I'd like to know if you have made any progress on the bike.

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