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hawkins325i 06-30-2011 08:35 PM

New Project, Numerous Problems
I'm new to the forum, but I've read most of the stickys. I'm looking to get my car into good working order before even considering mods- and was hoping such a community of experienced bimmer owners could help. This is my second E36, the first became garbage worthy due to numerous quick fixes (i.e. ignition lock cylinder failed- thus removed and not replaced...) I'm hoping for this new E36 to not turn into that, so I'm hoping you all might be able to help me diagnose some of the more substantial of the numerous problems it has.

the car makes a grinding noise when tring to shift into first gear (it's a manual transmission), and will kick me out of first gear if I dont fiddle with the clutch/accelerator/shifter. the grinding changes pace depending upon how far depresssed the clutch is. Could it possibly be the synchro mesh?

rattling noise simmiliar to "pebbles in a tin can," but I am fairly certian it is not the VANOS as it is unrelated to the engine and perfomance of the car, and more related to going over bumps. My first thought was an arm that goes about the exhaust that I removed from my first E36, but on the new one, it was firmly in place.

Sometimes the ASC light is on permanently, sometimes I can switch it on and off as I should be able to. i feel like this is just one of the quirks of the first few years of ASC and was wondering if theres a simple fix?

Of the two I've had- both E36s seem to think it's 34 degrees outside. all the time. it drives me crazy.

This is just a quick handful of questions some less important than others, but if you can help me with any of them, that'd be great :D

Eight Thirty 06-30-2011 08:56 PM

#4 is your ambient air temperature sensor


crisscross 06-30-2011 09:15 PM

#3 you will have to see if the system is malfunctioning. Typically the abs light will come on with the asc light showing you that there is a fault. The best way to check is to hook up the 20 pin connector and read the codes stored.

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