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satakal 09-30-2011 11:16 AM

Los Angeles BMW CCA autocross - Nov 13 - Cal Speedway
BMW CCA - Los Angeles Chapter - Autocross
Sunday Nov 13
Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA

Register here -->
Map here -->

Thank you to Beverly Hills BMW for their support of the autocross program!

Last day to register online: Sat Nov 12, 2011

This event will be the first where we experiment with a new feature, we are calling it; Speed Shop Hands On Tech Session (SSHOTS). We'll be doing SSHOTS with HP Autowerks from Santa Barbara. Harold and his team specialize in M3, E9x, and E8x BMW maintenance and tuning. The HP Autowerks team will be on-hand to consult on the performance upgrades and setup of your BMW. They will also be bringing their pro driver, Jeff Tyler, and shop track-car (1M!) so that you can ride as a passenger in a well driven, well setup car. Their driver will also be instructing and, if OK with you, driving your car to give an honest and educated assessment of it. What first, upgrade anti-roll bars or camber plates? Is it the car that's slow or is it the driver? Which suspension and brake upgrades are the best value for the money? HP Autowerks along with Jeff Tyler have the knowledge and experience to answer those questions.

Entrance to Auto Club Speedway and the LA BMW CCA autocross is free. If you don't plan on driving in the autocross, please drop by and see what these events are all about and get a free ride in a modified 1M.

For drivers, registration is $65 if you pay in advance and $75 (cash only) if you register at the event. Your entry fee includes instruction, lunch and waters. Extra lunches are $7 each, and helmet rentals are $10. Online registration is at

The gates open at 6:00. Registration and tech open at 7:00. There will be a mandatory driver's meeting at 8:30. First car out will be at 9:00. The event will end by 5:00 or dusk.

This event WILL sell out so please pre-register. We don't want to turn people away but we will in order to ensure everybody gets as many runs as possible. No refund or credit will be issued if you cancel less than 7 days before the event. Before that we will issue you a credit toward a future event only.

When at Auto Club Speedway, please respect posted speed limits and other traffic signs. We like having a place to play and would hate for "one bad apple" to ruin it for everyone.

White05X3 10-09-2011 08:25 AM

I just want to add that we hope you all will come join us for the last autocross of the 2011 season. It has been a fun year and we look forward to capping it off with another great event!

satakal 10-31-2011 11:11 AM

The day before, a few of us will go have lunch with legendary road racer and K1 Speed owner Boris Said. I can't wait to hear him tell war stories! Great motorsports weekend for us in SoCal.


San Diego and LA Chapter - Open House and BBQ at BMW of Murietta
November 12 The owner (Boris Said) and staff of BMW of Murrieta, 26825 Auto Mall Pkwy, Murrieta, CA 92562, are looking forward to meeting you. Please join them for an exclusive BMW CCA introduction and lunch. The San Diego Chapter has an informal caravan leaving Bad Ass Coffee in Rancho Penasquitos around 10:30. RSVP on Facebook (through the San Diego Chapter Group page) or to Nick Owen at

White05X3 11-09-2011 05:53 AM

As an update to this event - we will run RAIN OR SHINE! No weather cancellations. Folks should dress appropriately!

satakal 11-09-2011 09:05 AM

Its not too late to signup at motorsportreg. If you plan on showing up that morning as on-site registration, I can't make any promises that we won't be full. That said, I've never seen us turn anyone away.

Here's the morning schedule:

6am event open. Volunteers are very welcome. Course setup and such.
7am-8:30 tech and registration open.
8am-8:30am optional track walk
8:15 am Instructor meeting
8:30 am Mandatory driver's meeting
8:30 am Instructor recon laps
8:50 am first run group to grid at conclusion of driver's meeting
8:50 am first work group meet at timing tent at conclusion of driver's meeting
9am first car out

FYI, chance of percipitation Sunday morning. And that doesn't mean anything to us. We play rain or shine.

Shadowfax1217 11-16-2011 10:23 AM

Hello! I'll start off by saying I'm not sure this is the place I should post, but I have some feedback about this event that I wanted to share and maybe a suggestion or two. The course was fast and fun, and the organizers really did a good job. Everything was super efficient, we were done by 3 or so.

The amazing thing, to me, was that in all this, the most noticeable problem I was able to see was that course workers were not really doing what they were supposed to. This is a pet peeve of mine and the only defense I can offer them is that it was not entirely clear who was responsible for what. Everyone knew generally where to stand, but the "boundaries" between stations were fuzzy. Maybe the worker chief can have a map on hand? This way he/she can tell the workers exactly what area they are expected to cover - instead of listing a pole to stand by, we can be given a specified range. There will always be a few people who simply won't run after cones. :-/ But "I didn't know I was supposed to cover that area" won't be a valid excuse.

Another kind of nit-picky comment I have is that rather an aggressive stand was taken against those who missed calls to work or run when they were at the skid pad. A few were told in very certain terms that it is their responsibility to keep track of this, and I would normally agree! But when you have an event that is so far ahead of schedule, it becomes a lot less black and white. You give drivers a timeline with designated times for driving, so they start the day with the assumption that they will have x amount of minutes of drift time (and then they allocate time accordingly for changing out wheels/tires, etc). My answer to this is... there is someone manning the drift box, right? Give them a radio and have them give drivers a head's up, just saying red is in grid, or green is working. Making people responsible for this is great in theory, but when you run SUCH a good show that you're that far ahead, sometimes it is hard to keep up with, even in places where we CAN hear the loud-speaker. I LOVE that there is a skid pad, I don't want to see it detract from the event in any way, such as delaying workers. I want it to stay! :-)

Having said that, this event was a blast. Please feel free to move this post if I've misplaced it :)

satakal 11-16-2011 10:36 PM

Thanks for the kind words. Both items you mention, I observed too. And I think your solutions are good ones.

Since I was running work assignments and changes, I take some responsibility for the course worker issue. My hope is that after a few more events the guys that weren't taking responsibility for their area will be more proficient and aware. Essentially, the problem will fix itself as today's noob is tomorrow's veteran.

Another way to solve the missed run group issue would be to have had 25 more drivers registered on Sunday. If we had 6 more cars per color group, we probably would have hit the time targets. I prefer this solution above all others. Also, if we had 6 more course workers per group, that would be one additional body per corner station.

I'm glad that you enjoyed Sunday's event. The club/chapter/program is doing a great job. Imagine how much better the event could be if we had more dedicated volunteers.

justaddnospleas 11-17-2011 08:41 AM

Overall I loved the venue. Breakfast and lunch was a great touch and in our opinion totally worth the drive from Ramona, CA to ACS. There was never a shortage of things to do and it was great seeing all types of drivers out there learning. As still a rookie myself with a long road ahead of me, I really enjoyed having all these different instructors. I think I went through 4 different ones and learned different things from each one allowing me to hybridize the information during my practice runs and lay down one clean timed run. I got too excited during the timed and screwed up my first two on a couple of things.

Regarding the venue, I agree with Shadowfax...having a clear delineation of work stations allows for people to be responsible for specific sections of the course without having to worry about other stations. Having more cars for the run group wouldn't really solve possible confusion or one station running after another stations cones. As such, having clear worker stations and having the worker chief spread them out, is the best way to ensure all corners are addressed as much as possible during the run group.

I also wanted to address a question I had when I was driving the course. There were times where I noticed that a cone was down or out of place because the course workers hadn't gotten to them yet or what not. From the venues I'm used to running, a competitor is within their rights to stop and point at the cone signifying a "downed cone" which means that the course is different from official setup. This also entails them get a rerun since the course was not as originally intended. I just drove a little wider through those areas, but it did throw me through a loop the first time having me to alter my driving line. This wasn't a big deal as I went to test a few different driving techniques and learn, but I could see this potentially being an issue for someone that's especially competitive and trying everything in their power to win class/get top time of day/etc.

Thank you BMW Club LA for posting up results hours after the event, and all the volunteers for helping make this event happen: Course designer Jon Lugod, and all the volunteers that laid the course out Saturday and helped with the clean up Sunday :)

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