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02Z3COUPE 10-21-2011 09:57 AM

Sirius radio id???
Help!!! We need to activate the sirius in the wife's (new to us) 2008 Mini. She called sirius to add it to our account, but they need the radio sid #, which we don't know how to get (on our other sirius radios you just hit a button and it appears). We called the dealer and he said we have to call sirius to get the number. So which is it? My guess is that the dealer has to retrieve it from the car's computer or key??? Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks

timfitz63 10-21-2011 10:47 AM

If you have the separate 'flip-fold' operating manual entitled "RADIO BOOST CD," go to the section on the satellite radio; find the line entitled "SELECT AND ACTIVATE CHANNELS" and follow the instructions (which are admittedly vague, so you might need to hunt around some) to the radio page that gives you the ESN (Electronic Serial Number). This should be what Sirius is looking for.

If you're missing that manual, check out this thread on the North American Motoring forum (which you might consider joining anyway, since that forum is much more active with the MINI brand); it has an electronic copy of the "RADIO BOOST CD" manual.

Runon MD1 09-04-2012 02:43 PM

Sirius Radio Activation
Your sales associate should have activated the radio by calling Sirius for you and setting it up at delivery of the vehicle. He or she should be willing to do it for you now. It typically takes a cell phone call of a few minutes (depends how busy Sirius is at the time). You will need the car there at the time. Once Sirius has the data it needs, an activation signal is sent to the car, and that's it (usually).

Perhaps the last 7 numbers of the VIN may help, though I'm not sure of that.

Hope it works out...


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