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captain haddock 10-30-2011 02:24 PM

Bad High beam Headlight - How Do I Replace
Hi everybody. New to the forum. I just bought a 2002 M5 with 49K miles in immaculate condition (paid 24k not sure if that's high or low).

Anyway, a warning light came on "check high beam headlight". I did and sure enough one of the headlights is out.

Its unclear which one though because when the light switch is set to "Auto" only one light goes on. At night, however, it seems that there are two headlamps lit.

Is there a kit or a bulb set that I can easily replace the bulb(s) with?

Also, I recall seeing somewhere a mod that allowed you to put in a type of bulb that gave the nice white ring instead of teh yellowish ring that comes stock.



jack eiler 11-13-2011 10:20 AM

Both lights come on; they are the low beams. Flip the high beam switch, find out which one is out. Access to the bulbs is a little tough, might take a few minutes to access. Good luck! I had a similiar problem, low beam out; had to remove an airbox to get access to the bulb.

Edgy36-39 11-17-2011 07:07 PM

welcome. What color combo? I bought a 2002 beauty in April. That price is high but not overly for such low miles and immaculate. Did you get lots of maintenance records?

It shouldn't be tough telling low from high. Your lows are xenons, the highs are halogen H7 bulbs. Reach in, twist, remove and reverse. While you're at it, get better bulbs like Silverstars or (if you want to spend the $$) PIAA bulbs.

What you are talking about with the Angel Eyes is replacing the halogen bulb with LED bulb -- turns the ring white to match the headlights. Search on Angel Eye upgrade and you'll find lots of threads.

captain haddock 11-17-2011 07:42 PM

Thanks. The car is Silver outside and black interior. It was one owner, garaged at home and at work (the guy owned his own machine shop in a warehouse and just drove it in.) Still smells like a new car which is wild. The records all checked out; the last major service was in March when --after much headache, I got the records, it turned out that the owner had replaced all the belts, the head gaskets, and some other stuff for about 5k total. When the invoice was faxed to him (they wouldn't fax it to me and it was not on carfax) he tried to back out of the deal saying he had too much money in the car. Well, after gently reminding him of contract principles I got the car. I took it to the BMW shop locally to have the seat rail blocks removed (why are those there? I'm 6'3" and a seat that won't go back all the way is just no good at all) and was told that the rear control arms were shot and that the power steering hoses were leaking. So, I got those replaced at a non-bmw shop (German Auto in Alameda -- great work by real live German mechanics) at about 60% of the dealer cost -- the control arms were actually ok but the rubber had torn. There was no play in them but I replaced them anyway. So, I am out about another $1200 since purchase but the records are all good, tires are good, brakes work and the car is, really, in lots of ways like new. The little stickies on the window that I think are designed to be removed are there; the "Achtung" sticker in front of the shift lever re: passenger side airbag is right there, and the dealer's window sticker was in with the manuals.

I have never driven such a great car. I am a fan of Top Gear and that show ranked the 2002-2003 M% as either the best or one the very best cars ever built. I can see why.

I have found a local shop that sells CREE LED's as, I think, xenon replacements to make the Angel Eyes glow white instead of yellow. I think that will be an upgrade along with a Dice media Bridge to listen to the ipod with.

Only had the car two 3 weeks but have received several "nice car"s. For a 10 year old car you just have to tip your hat to BMW and Mr. van Hooydonk (sp.?). The Bangle's, to be honest, leave me cold.


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