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Luky 02-05-2012 03:08 PM

Looking for feedback on JB+ or JB4 on 335i with other MODs
(Hah! Joined in 2005 and this is my first post. How's that for lurking?)

My E46 330i was totaled a couple of weeks ago and I picked up a 2008 E90 335i with 55k miles. It has sport/premium and Nav, with Steptronic+ paddle shifters and is otherwise in stock condition. I love the car and was looking for a modest improvement in hp/acceleration. This is my DD/kid hauler and not a track/strip car... I just like it to go like a bat out of hell when I punch it...

So I have been reading posts on different websites and it seems the best bang for the buck is the Berger tuning JB+ or possibly the JB4. I live in San Diego and we have crappy 91octane gas/10%ethanol here so I don't know that I want to go all out with a JB4.

As for other mods I was considering the drop in airfilter for the stock airbox or the dual cone intake and a FMIC upgrade.

What would be a good FMIC upgrade? I was looking at the AA ($1095) or the Stett FMIC ($1021) as they are quite a lot bigger, but I don't know if I need all that for the modest improvements I am looking for. Then there is the AMS for $900, or the CP-e for $839, the HPF for $995 and the Helix for $969... I would be looking for something that is a bolt on without any cutting so it seems the Helix and HPF would be good choices, but worth $100+ over the CP-e that Berger tuning sells (for the amount of improvement I am looking at)?

Option 1: JB+ with drop in air filter
option 2: JB+ with Burger DCI
option 3: JB+ with Burger DCI+ FMIC (which one???)
option 4: JB4 with Burger DCI+ FMIC (which one???)

I am not looking to change the exhaust, down pipes, etc at this point... I still have two years of CPO warranty and BMW full maintenance plan..

So let me know what works or point me in a different direction for me to research... Any issues with the AT transmissions handling the increased horsepower that comes from a tune?


Geeksultant 04-27-2012 11:19 PM

2008 335I with JP+ - All I can say is WOW!
First, let me say this - Terry at, outstanding job on the JB+.

I purchased my 2008 335i sedan used with 59k miles on it in Feb 2011. So far, so good. Other than a failed Oil Filter Housing Gasket that cost $750 in labor for a $13 gasket, no major issues.

I, as you, wanted just a little more kick. After a year of reading and researching, I chose the JB+ from Installation took all of about 15 minutes. I drove the car for two days with "kid gloves". I wanted the computer in the car to have time to adapt to the new tune. Let me tell you - the patience paid off. By the 3rd day this car was a different animal. I usually drive my car in the sports mode (I have the auto with the paddle shifters) because the responsiveness is so much better then when in standard drive mode. Of course you sacrifice some fuel economy. Who said fun was cheap? Anyway, with the JB+ (oh, and a K&N drop in filter), the car now drives in standard auto drive mode, the way it drove prior in sport mode. The car is so much fun to drive that I forget I am in a sedan. Really! The best part, is when I switch the shifter to the left into the auto sports mode. Just today, I was sitting at a red light next to some punk kid in his 10 year old Honda Civic in bondo gray, huge ass muffler hanging out the back, chassis two inches off the ground and he gives me this nod with his head like, "Yo, you wanna go?" Before I had time to nod back, the light turned green and I pushed the gas pedal about 1/2 way down. Before the kid even had a chance to get off the line, I was at 60 in 2nd gear and passing thru the next light about 2 blocks away. I was tickled pink! I was giggling like a little school girl. OH MY GOD - what a rush! The power came on fluid and strong, the torque pushed me back into the seat like a rocket ship. ... and all of this with the JB+ set to the midway 50% mode as it came shipped. With the K&N filter and Shell 93 octane gas, this car is once again fun as hell.

So, to answer your question - for a daily driver, kid hauler, the JB+ won't disappoint based on my experience. Follow the instructions, let the car adapt to the add on tune for two or three days, put decent grade gas in your car, drop in a K&N filter and let the fun begin.

Luky 04-30-2012 10:38 AM

Got a JB4 with DCI. Runs great on 91 octane and map 1. Runs even better when I mix in half a tank of 100 octane (~95.5 octane mix) and run map 5.

I have been pretty satisfied with it but I keep throwing misfire codes. Pulled the JB4 and took it to the dealer. Spent the $50 deductible for them to tell me nothing was wrong and not really do anything. Drove it for three days without the JB4 and had no problems. Put the JB4 back and started throwing the same misfire Cyl1/Cyl4 codes again... Really annoying as once it misfires, it keep misfiring and you either have to clear the code (which means I can't save it to show the dealer) or stop the car and shut off the engine to get it to stop (hard to do on the freeway @ 80mph).

I decided to change the plugs myself yesterday since the dealer refused to do it (lucked out and got 5 new plugs from an ebay auction for $10 + #6 for $12.60). Don't think the dealer even pulled them. They are visibly worn with a larger gap (apparently CPO warranty and BMW Maintenance plan are about worthless if they won't even change plugs that show excessive wear after 15k miles). Will have drive it a few days to see if that fixes it.

Elias 05-01-2012 04:59 AM

I would look into the Cobb Tune as well, my son-in-law has one and he swears by it. Its very easy to install and changing maps is a breeze he highly recommends it.

E60ninja 08-30-2012 04:56 PM

I have the Cobb tuning on my 535i and even without going aggressive/93 Octane its AMAZING! It is incredibly easy to install and uninstall so even if your warrantied (like me) taking it off to not void is simple and takes about 5min. Cobb has set up different maps for mods and what tune you want and you can download or create your own (with the pro setup) overall i love everything about what they have done and Cobb SoCal has been nothing but helpful with any questions! oh and add a FMIC for stage 2+ (with FMIC) 51% HP and 55%TQ increase...overall 0 complaints and only BIG smiles

Fernflex 09-09-2012 04:18 PM

Jb4 + Usb + Dci + Meth kit thats a 400whp combo

Jb4 + Usb + Dci + Intercooler thats a 380whp combo and more expensive...

I used to have a E92 335i and I am the local dealer for Burger Tuning in Puerto Rico

08 335Ci 11-04-2012 05:38 PM

I went in for the JB4 PnP and I'm VERY happy with it.

I have an '08 E92 with no other mods. It's my daily driver (150 miles a day) with combined highway/back roads and with the recent drop in gas prices, have been using Sunoco Ultra (93 octane) and I've just passed 50K on the clock.

I must say, Map 5 is the most fun. I have the exhaust flap option enabled and and love to watch the sidewalk dwellers look for the car making that sweet sound. But the most fun comes when, at 50 mph, you stomp on the go pedal, the trans downshifts and the car hops sideways and the DTC light starts flashing quicker then my turnsignal .... and the car doesn't fall flat on it's face but keeps pulling! Before it gets much colder and the snow flies, I gotta turn off the traction control and 'shift' into DS mode. I'm sure it's going to be fun.

Go with the JB4 PnP. The change from stock to fun is a couple pushes of the steering wheel controls and the change is awsome.

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