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Trips 02-23-2012 06:58 AM

Chipping an automatic 335i? Feedback??
I'm debating on purchasing a manual or an automatic 335i coupe. I'm leaning toward auto since I have to battle traffic on a daily basis... but I have been doing research and I do want to chip it as well.

I'm looking for feedback on chipping an automatic 335i, I'm assuming it's not as fun to drive as a manual but is it worth it? Any difference in power delivery, any issues with transmission etc?

Thank you BMW Gurus!

MPoweredBMW 03-20-2012 02:02 AM

As long as the ECU Flash aka "Chipping" is done properly, there wont be any damage done to the vehicle however using an automatic transmission will not bring out the full power delivery of the engine. How familiar are you with driving a Manual Vehicle? I have a long commute with traffic and I wouldn't look back into a Automatic. Why do you want to even "chip" the car if you dont know how it feels? Try both out and see which you prefer. "Chipping" is not a night and day difference with the 335. The power feels similar however the response is quicker in the throttle. Try Both out, Im not entirely sure you've driven them for a long enough time to make the judgement.

LuSt4Boost 04-14-2012 09:07 AM

This is my first automatic car and I couldn't have been happier with my decision. I to switched from a 6spd, because I got tired of driving through city traffic during rush hour. Having an automatic will most certainly give you the full power delivery as a manual. Mod for mod, manual and auto both dyno typically the same. There is no difference. However, an auto will allow you to run quicker 1/4 mile times than any manual with similar mods as you, mainly because your launches are fast and consistant. The auto also shifts fairly quick, as there is almost no drop in boost between shifts, unlike the manual.

13.3 stock

With just a JB4, I ran 12.5@116 w/1.8 60' on stock rft's

With JB4, Meth, DPs, Helix intake 12.1@116 w/1.8 60' on stock rft's (I was getting a bit of hesistation at higher rpms during this run. I suspect my spark plugs need changing) 11s are definitely possible on street tires once my hesistation issue is fixed. I can't wait to run her at the track again.

IMO, a chip or tune is a significant difference over stock. I felt the power difference immediately after the install. As far as the transmission, the auto tranny doesn't start to see issues such as slipping till over the 500+ wheel torque mark. Its the high torque levels that hurts the tranny. Unless you plan on goin FBO+nitrous or FBO w/RB turbos, you should be fine.

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