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Zeichen311 03-24-2012 06:47 PM

Saw the new M6s today @ BMW VDC
This morning, the BMW Vehicle Distribution Center in Port Jersey, NJ graciously hosted the March meeting of the NJ Chapter of the BMW CCA.

I do apologize for the lack of photos but I know anyone who has ever taken a factory tour will understand that when BMW says NO CAMERAS OF ANY KIND, they mean it! (The rest of you will just have to take it on faith. ;)) While this thread is indeed Useless Without Pics, I felt I had to post a public service message for all you potential M6 buyers. It's very brief; just three words:
San Marino Blue.
Oh, my God. There were two new M6 cabrios there, both painted this color. It is the most eye-popping, vibrant, traffic-stopping, electric metallic blue I have ever seen on a production car. Ever. This is a blue that would not look out of place on a Lamborghini--it's not garish at all but it is that bold.

It made the Interlagos blue M3 parked across the aisle look like a black hole. Monte Carlo blue pales in comparison. Le Mans is suddenly the conservative choice. If you have seen Deep Sea Blue in full, direct sunlight...San Marino looks a bit like that indoors. :wow:

With the opening of the NY International Auto Show just two weeks away, practically every car that will be on display was there being prepped for the event. We were also extremely fortunate that a ship docked early this morning: The ship carrying the M6 Coupé to make its North American debut at the NYIAS. Rolled right off the boat and straight into the meeting. (Literally. As in, they weren't certain it was on the ship when the meeting began, and by lunch it was parked 20 feet from the buffet.) How cool is that?! :thumbup:

It's the same orange you see in the wallpapers posted here...I did not quite catch the name but it is not Valencia. It is brighter and richer-looking, as befits the M flagship. While not as jaw-dropping as San Marino Blue (which caught the eye of seemingly half the attendees), it is every bit as gorgeous. It is somewhat less coppery than Valencia, yet nowhere near orange-juice orange either--another spectacular color.

To be honest, half the reason San Marino seemed more dazzling may be simply that there are so many other BMW blues to compare it to, whereas for orange we have... what, three? :dunno: Regardless, if these paints and those on the F30 3ers are any indication, it looks like color is finally making a fashion comeback at BMW. Here's hoping!

I will post photos here after the NYIAS opens, if I get any worthwhile (I am badly out of practice, so we'll see...). Judging by the cars on display for us today, this looks to be one of the most varied and impressive fleets BMW has brought to the NY show in years. If you live in or will be visiting the area--don't miss it!

(Once again, a huge thanks to the BMW VDC staff for inviting us and to Flemington BMW for providing lunch!)

pix335i 03-26-2012 02:49 PM

I wish there were pictures as I have always been a fan of Interlagos blue. I guess I will have to wait to see it in person next week!

Thanks for sharing -- good to hear that it looks good in person -- though I didn't think it would disappoint anyone!

JAY55 04-30-2012 11:33 AM

Lucky you, I have til May to see at bimmerfest.

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