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x5tracker 03-28-2012 08:12 AM

HELP: How long after CCV replacement does it take to clear oil/smoke problems?
I have a 2004 x5 4.4i.
It runs smooth, powerful and idles smooth also.
No Error codes or check engine lamps.
Passed state emissions inspections last week (before ccv replacement)

First I noticed the driver side exhaust smoking when sitting idle for 5 to 10 minutes but this was intermittent. no smoking when driving normally. then I noticed if I have it in park and really gun the gas I get smoke from both tail pipes. Also noticed smoking intermittently when waiting in stop and go traffic or waiting in line at drive through.
My wife followed behind me when driving. She did not notice any smoke except at times when I take off from stop there is a puff of smoke (not a lot) when quickly clears up.

I checked the oil and it was at the 'min' marker on the dip stick. It just had an oil change 400 miles ago and the oil change receipt shows they replaced 8 quarts so I know the oil was recently at normal levels but now at the min oil was being burned. There are no oil leaks on the floor. I had a PPI done and they did not find any leaks either..

Therefore, I had both Oil Separator vent valves (CCV's) replaced. Also added fuel cleaner to clean out any sludge. The old CCV's had a good amount of oil in them.

Now I do not notice any smoke at all even when idling. However if i run the engine for a few minutes and gun the gas (while in park) I still get the smoke.
I took it to the dealer. They were able to replicate the problem. They tested it for 2 days.
They tell me that they pulled a spark plug and found oil on it. They feel confident that its the Valve Stem Seals that have to be replaced...they quoted me $8,000.

I spoke to the mechanic who did the ccv replacement. he says that he has never seen the Valve stem seals fail on these at this low mileage in his 40 years of BMW repair.
He thinks its still left over oil from the CCV problem. I have only driven it 90 miles since the CCV replacement. The dealer claims to have run the motor for a while (not sure what that means??) and that any old left over oil should have been burned off by now?

So my questions are:

1) How do I know if the CCV replacement solved the problem? I see that it has improved. The only way I get it to smoke now is by putting it in Park and really hitting the gas pedal hard.

2) How long should I expect to see the smoke (doing the gas pedal open throttle while in park test) after the CCV replacement (1000 miles, a few weeks, after oil change etc???)

3) If its a Valve stem seals problem, shouldn't I get smoke at start up?

Any thoughts on this?

***UPDATE***: I got the car back from dealer. They said they also found vacuum pump leaking.
This is in addition to the replacing all valve seals after cylinder head removal.

I did more testing when I got home. I idled for 10 minutes and got smoke from exhaust even without gunning the gas pedal just like before the CCV replacement. Still getting smoke when gunning the gas.


Patrick3021 11-26-2012 07:15 PM

My problems are exactly the same. I couldn't have written it better than you. I am not sure what to do. This is my first BMW and probably the last.

airplane 12-01-2012 09:17 AM

04 BMW X5 sport 75K
I couldn't describe my problem any better either! I have a 04 X5 4.4 ( 75K ) and it does the exact same thing. I have been told that it can only be two things, the CCV's or valve stem seals. The CCv's were replaced about 1000 miles ago but the problem still exists. I was told by a Indy mechanic ( that said he works on 10 BMWs a day, and inspected it) that it is definately not the valve stem seals. He said the engine gets sludge in it from the CCV's being bad and it takes a while for it to clear out. He said that it is mostly under the valve covers, I guess there are some kind of oil seperator ports under there or something. He also said the oil drain ports that drain the oil back to the oil pan get clogged and sometimes you have to use brake cleaner to clean them, that sounds like a pile of crap to me. ( I've also heard that you can use Liqui-moly )
Anyway, I can assure you that when I thought I purchased a high quality vehicle and it smokes like it does I don't wear my BMW hat! Actually the reason I bought it is because I have owned a 95 325i for 9 years that has over 100k and have not had a single issue.
I have a question for someone with knowledge....when I disconnect the hose that leads from the CCV to the intake and put my finger in it, there is a thick film of oil on my finger when I pull it out. Is this normal??? Is that much oil supposed to be getting by the CCV? I wouldn't think so but haven't been able to get an answer. The oil on my finger was very clean which I thought was interesting since it had been changed about 200 miles ago. I looked up the records and the oil had been changed every 15k since new. That seems like alot of miles since oil changes but have been told its BMWs recommendation.
Incidently, I have a friend that has a 04 X5 with the same mileage that smokes too. difference it his smokes on startup mine doesn't. His is really bad. Any answers????

oleg212 04-01-2015 05:17 PM

Same problem 2006 BMW X5 4.4i, for my entire life beamers have been nothing but problems for me... Time to let these cars go, I can definitely say that I will not be buying bmws anymore. X5 tracker I would just stop driving the car and put it up for sale. There really is no point in trying to fix this problem your best bet would be to swap the engine, that would be way cheaper but even then the N62 engines are notorious for this problem. It's just not worth it.

oleg212 04-01-2015 05:18 PM

I am even more surprised that BMW has not done a recall for this. So much for customer satisfaction and "THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE" motto. What a load of BS.

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