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majorpeace 03-28-2012 01:32 PM

White Smoke From Engine - Messages
Assistance needed.

I was working on 330Ci 2003 M54 engine. The goal replace Oil Filter Housing Gasket and the install Beisans Systems Vanos Seals replacement.

I had recently replaced my Value Cover Gasket 2 months ago successfully but still had a leak, actually greater leak of oil and knew it was time to OFHG.

I began by placing all of my tools and DIY materials neatly in the working area. I removed everything except when I came to the fan I could not get that SOB out, excuse my language. I tried the Smolk Sledge Seize Removal Process but after 140 hits with the Sledge against the 32 MM Wrench I retired that process. I actually tried to machine a Pully Tool but all I had was strong cardboard and that definitely did not work. Defeated for the moment I re assembled the parts and drove the car 1/4 mile and White Smoke came from under the hood. I called the tow truck and the next day my trusted Mechanic told me that I had failed to reassembled the Vanos Cover Gasket and something had lodged in that area and that oil was spilling directly onto the manifold and thus the white smoke.

I can tell you that when I placed the cover back onto the VCG it was fitted. As a matter of fact if one side is loose it will not fit nicely anywhere else, am I correct?. I do not doubt my Indy. I just do not know how this is possible that I missed that, I could possibly understand that a bolt came loose, but not that the VCG is on crooked. I will go to the shop and try to fix this problem as the Indy was kind enough to say that I could do it cheaper than paying him $350 and that he would not do the Beisan Install because he was not comfortable with recommending it as a solution to the low rev problems.

Any suggestions on how the VCG is not on correctly or where the Oil could be leaking and how I should proceed. Sorry no pictures. I also just purchased the Schwaben Water Pump Pully Tool for $15 from Sears. It says it fits most M54 engines.

Xeek 03-28-2012 01:57 PM

I use the hammer trick for my fan. It's a sledge hammer though. You need some weight to hit that wrench with.

I also use the pulley tool sometimes, but the sledge always at least knocks it loose enough to get that going.

There are key areas where the valve cover meets the engine that may require gasket sealant. If you didn't do that I can see how you could have some oil leaks in those places around the valve cover.

I plan to replace my VANOS soon and if I do I won't reuse the old gaskets. They're less than 10,000 miles old, but they're also not expensive to replace and ensure a good seal.

"...Gasket sealant is not supposed to be required, but everyone says to use it on the half-moon areas..." -

jonathan2263 03-28-2012 02:47 PM

You may have broken something with all the hammering. I tried the sledge hammer/wrench technique when I did my cooling system and had no luck. I also ended up slipping, and cracking a hose. The fan clutch tool is critical.
Just get in there and look carefully for the leak. Should be easy to find.

majorpeace 03-29-2012 05:41 AM

Thank you both for the responses. Yes if necessary I will buy another VCG and I now have the pulley tool, which by the way the pully tool looks as if you have to unscrew the nut in order for it to fit.

I used the sealant the first time I changed the VCG. I didn't think that a second helping would be needed. I will not make that assumption in the future.

Any suggestions on the OFHG process. Any tools that people fail to mention is a must have.

Thanks again for the responses. Love this forum.

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