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wjjklj 06-19-2012 06:48 AM

Replacing Right Fuel Tank Sender (Sensor)
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I have been getting random low fuel warnings when the tank is far from empty. I read that if you go into the hidden menu and look at the ADC values and see that a sensor is higher than 450 ohms then that sensor is bad. Then sensors should have fairly close readings on the left and right if working correctly. I troubleshooted my bad sensor to be the right side (passenger). So I ordered a sensor from thebmwstore for $75.82 and replaced it myself. These are the steps I took:

1) run the fuel almost empty.

2) unplugged negative battery cable.

3) removed back seat. Just pull up on the seat firmly.

4) remove the rubber cover over the fuel tank on the side you are replacing.

5) remove the round rubber plug underneath the first layer rubber pad.

6) remove the (4) 10mm nuts on the round metal plate over the fuel pump and remove the plate.

7) unplug electric connector

8) remove black fuel line connector gently by squeezing side tabs. Have paper towels to absorb any gasoline.

9) remove the blue fuel line by squeezing the connector sides. Remove it just enough to bleed off pressure. Some gasoline will come out so have paper towels around it. I had to do this about 7-8 times soaking up the gasoline until the pressure was released.

10) have a helper hold down the white tab facing the front of the car with a large screwdriver so the fuel pump does not turn.

11) use another large flat screwdriver and a rubber mallet to unscrew the metal ring holding the fuel pump in the tank. Hit it counterclockwise.

12) once the metal ring is loose remove it. Then lift the top of the fuel pump off and place to the side still connected.

13) reach into the tank and pull up on the fuel sender and unplug from the fuel pump. There are two tabs on either side of it that you just squeeze and pull upward.

14) replace with new fuel sender (sensor). It has a slot that it snaps down into that only goes one direction. Pay attention to what it looked like before you removed it.

15) complete reassembly in reverse.

This entire process took about 45 minutes with most of the time taken to soak up the fuel coming out of the fuel lines when I pulled them off the fuel pump. Again I just pulled up on them a little a time and they leaked a little. I then soaked the gas up with paper towels. Don't just pull off the fuel line all at once because they are under pressure. Be very careful at this step and have no open flames or cigarettes around. Perform this at your own risk. Obviously you are working with gasoline and can kill yourself if you are not careful.

This was an easy repair overall and the same procedure would apply if replacing your fuel pump. This is much better than dropping an entire gas tank off the vehicle like I had to do recently on my Lincoln Navigator just to replace the pump. I took some pictures too. I hope this helps somebody.

9secondsupra 03-22-2014 06:49 PM

How do you do this if the tank is full of gas. Recently filled up the car and then the pump went out on me.

simonp04 07-22-2017 02:55 PM

Ohms readings.
Hi my tank is probably over 3/4 full when full only shows 3/4 full.
My ohms readings are as follows:-
Left:- 295.0
Right:- 800.3
Does this mean the right sensors faulty?

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