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AseanAero 07-06-2012 10:02 PM

1991 delivery E34 M5 in Jakarta, Indonesia
Hello everyone,

I'm an Australian expat who's been living in Jakarta since 2000.

A few days ago I ended up buying one of my all time favorite cars a Oct 1990 build E34 M5

It has done a genuine 52,000 kilometers (approx 30,000 miles) and is in really good shape , no rust at all.

It was regularly driven by the son of a 4 star army general from 1991 to 1998 then put in storage until May 2012 when they had a 'garage sale' . A customer of mine (a BMW enthusiast) purchased it from the general's son in May 2012 and then decided he had enough cars and decided to sell the M5 (he has a 730il and 750il and a 3 Merc S class and doesn't like manuals)

I own an aircraft and parts trading business and have a pretty well equipped workshop and handy with tools so I will be asking a lot of questions.

Here's the build sheet and some photos of the M5

Vehicle information
Type Value
VIN WBSHD92010GA25324
Type code HD92
Type M5 (EUR)
E series E34 ()
Series 5
Type LIM
Steering RL
Doors 4
Engine S38
Displacement 3.60
Power 232
Drive HECK
Transmission MECH
Colour SCHWARZ 2 (668)
Upholstery (9990) 1990-10-17

Description (interface)
Description (EPC)
S302A ALARMANLAGE Alarm system
S401A SCHIEBE-HEBEDACH, ELEKTRISCH Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric
S430A INNEN-/AUSSENSPIEGEL AUT.ABBLENDEND Interior/outside mirror with auto dip
S459A SITZVERSTELLUNG, ELEKTR.MIT MEMORY Seat adjustment, electric, with memory
S500A SCHEINW.WASCHANL./INTENSIVREINIGUNG Headl.washer system/intensive cleaning
S534A KLIMAAUTOMATIK Automatic air conditioning
S548A KILOMETERTACHO Kilometre speedo
S560A LESELEUCHTEN IM FOND Reading light in rear compartment
S687A RADIOVORBEREITUNG Radio preparation
S781A LM Rad 9Jx17 auf Hinterachse BMW LA wheel M Kontur
S818A BATTERIEHAUPTSCHALTER Battery master switch
S823A HEISSLAND-AUSFUEHRUNG Hot-climate version
S850A ZUSAETZL. TANKFUELLUNG EXPORT Additional Export tank filling
S925A VERSANDSCHUTZPAKET Dispatch protection pack

Individual vehicle data
Z1XX Special upholstery
= Innenausstattung in Komplettleder Walk-Nappa schwarz,
wie Schl.Nr. 0330
(Bereitstellung Schalttafel-Oberteil durch ZS-411)

The car feels tight with no rattles , squeaks and goes like hell without hesitation.

My goal is to bring the M5 back to top condition with a minimum amount of modification and drive it for at least the next 20 years.

Immediate work as follows

1. New tires all round

2. Idle control valve - idle jumps to 2,500rpm when the air conditioning is turned on , 1,000 rpm with air conditioning off

3. Replace or rebuild the rear shocks , PO has put non self leveling shocks in the back , I have the old OEM shocks

4. Remove the 535i badge from the rear and put the M5 front badge on the correct side of the front grill

5. Annoying steering wheel squeak.

6. Repair the air conditioning system , no air conditioning at the moment , it was working on Sunday prior to buying the car and now just blows hot air so could be a leak

7. Change all the fluids and filters , this has been done by the PO but I want to do it again so I know what fluids have been used.

8. Upgrade the stereo system head , the original Blaupunkt has a dead display and the speakers may need to be replaced as well , I want something compatible with an iPhone or iPod , I will keep the original radio for future generations that may want to restore the car after I'm gone (I'm 50 now)

9. Thoroughly clean and treat the leather seats, the seats are in good condition but the leather is a bit hard and needs some elbow work.

10. Some small dents and scratches that need repair.

11. Find out why the Brake Lining warning is coming on (only when I turn the ignition on or off) , the PO 'said' he put new brake linings in.

12. Clean the boot carpet and replace some of the missing tools in the toolkit (about half are still there)

13. Replace the ugly $2 black rubber floor mats the PO has put in. Carpet is like new.

All the lights work , trip computer is functioning , sunroof and windows all work great, doors have no sag and close like new.

Here's some photos a few days before I bought it

535i badge already removed , I've ordered another M and 5 badge from the dealer

Trunk needs a tidy up , the PO just put a new set of Tokico rear shocks on , they are coming off and I'm putting the original BMW SLS rear shocks on , toolkit is 50% there , I'm going to order the missing pieces so the toolkit is complete

From what I can find out there are approx 10 to 12 E34 M5s 3.6L in Indonesia with only 5 on the M Registry. I purchased a genuine S38B36 engine in a jakarta junkyard complete with headers in 2007 for $800 and at the time I was told the owner got sick of bad fuel economy so somewhere in Jakarta there's an M5 running around with a 525 six :-( , I bought that M5 engine 5 years ago to either build an M5 clone or with the remote hope I would find an M5 here (which finally happened) or sell it on if neither happened, so I have a spare engine already.

Pics of my spare engine , an $800 junkyard find from 2007

To me the E34 is the best looking of all the M5s, I've always wanted one.


AseanAero 07-06-2012 10:04 PM

I paid $16,000 for the car and it will cost me another $6,000 to get it right over the next 12 months , there are another 2 for sale in Jakarta at the moment with 90,000km price $28,000 and 150,000km price $27,000.

No M5 bargains in Indonesia !


sea6speed 07-06-2012 11:15 PM

Nice find. Interior looks amazing at that age. Leather dash?

AseanAero 07-07-2012 04:02 AM


Originally Posted by sea6speed (Post 6938001)
Nice find. Interior looks amazing at that age. Leather dash?

Z1XX Special upholstery
= Innenausstattung in Komplettleder Walk-Nappa schwarz, wie Schl.Nr. 0330 (Bereitstellung Schalttafel-Oberteil durch ZS-411)

which apparently means (google translate)

Special upholstery Z1XX
= Interior in black nappa leather complete, as Schl.Nr. 0330 (Providing panel top by ZS-411)

I name all my cars I have a modified Willys Jeep (350 V8 powered) called FrankenJeep, another Jeep J20 currently being rebuilt with plans for a ZZ502 big block crate engine called JeepZilla and the M5 is Darth Bimmer as everything is black on black ... with black.

The dash top is leather as well as all the door trim panels and gear stick boot.

The leather is in great condition with only a bit of discoloring on the drivers seat but it needs a really good clean and leather soap / treatment to bring it back into top condition.

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