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April1 07-08-2012 04:10 PM

Fxx, Ixx, & Gxx Series Coding: Latest Software, Guides, and Tips
Big thanks to all the Bimmerfest members that have contributed to this thread. Specifically April1, Almaretto, ShawnSheridan and Tokenmaster stand out for helping to create this thread.

What is Included:
  1. What is Coding
  2. Software Overview and Requirements
  3. Latest Software Links & Installation Instructions
  4. Step-By-Step Guides
  5. Connecting to Vehicle
  6. Helpful Hints & Acronyms
  7. Cheat Sheets
NOTE: Links are in BLUE and pictures are links to larger images.

1. What is Coding:

Coding is a bit of a misnomer. Neither any programming language (eg, C++ or Python) knowledge is necessary nor software modified. Instead, an easy-to-use, graphical user interface (GUI) is used to customize settings so a vehicle operates more as the individual desires. This guide will help minimize risks and outline how to reset a vehicle back to factory. If you choose to proceed, approach the task with a clear plan, know the steps, and NEVER guess, clarifying any doubts before you proceed. Many willing forum experts will assist you.

2. Software Overview and Requirements:

This guide will on serve for Fxx, Ixx, and G-series vehicle. For E-series, different software and cable are used. Complete software overview.

Supported Chassis Code Overview

Alternative Resources: Burger Tuning & BMW Archives

  • Windows 7-10 Computer with .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or greater).
  • E-Sys = Coding Software
  • ECU Data Files = PSdZData
    • PSdZData_Full (> 40 GB Compressed, > 70 Extracted): includes firmware only needed for programming (Flashing) ECU's (Guide).
    • Lite (~700 MB Compressed, 2GB Extracted): Works for VO & FDL Coding.
  • E-Sys Launcher Provides License in form of Token, mapping to read ECU, and Cheat Codes (see Below). Premium vs Pro comparison.
  • Interface = ENET Cable or ICOM

3. Software Installation:

NOTE: Links never change. Latest versions always found below.

E-Sys - Install Instructions - v.12.pdf (Guide courtesy of member Shawnsheridan)

E-Sys 3.27.1
  • If upgrading from a previous E-Sys version, first uninstall current E-Sys version via Windows Control Panel.
  • E-sys 3.28.1 - No real advantage to E-sys upgrade. NOTE: May result in runtime errors when you try to "Edit FDL" in Expert Mode > Coding
Launcher Premium 2.7.x (w/ Built in Token Generator)
  • Works w/ E-Sys versions 3.24.3, 3.26.x, 3.27.x, & 3.28.x. DO NOT use w/ E-Sys 3.25.x.
  • Requires original unmodified E-Sys version. If you have an E-Sys version using patched .jar file(s), 1st remove & reinstall a clean copy.
  • Prerequisite: .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or greater) due to new features added.
  • DELETE FreeToken.est (eg, C:\data) 1st, if upgrading from previous version (below 2.6.x) & use launcher to create NEW token.
  • Obtain no cost Activation Code if pop-up request (for Russia, Italy, or China Regions & VM), directly from TokenMaster (developer). Press the Activation button to send an email request.
  • Match car series exactly to chassis type (e.g. F01, F06, F07, F10, F12, F15, F25, F30, F82, F83, etc.). If after install it defaults to F999 & it cannot be changed, change PC Date ahead 4 days, then change E-Sys Launcher Car Series, then change PC Date back to current date. DO NOT create .EST Token & PIN w/ PC Date advanced 4 days as the Validity Start Date for the token will be 4 days in the future.
  • Lite (~700 MB): Removed ECU Firmware files ARE NOT needed for VO and FDL Coding.
  • PSdZData_Full (> 40 GB) and only needed for programming (Flashing) ECU's
  • Use this guide to determine your I-Step.
  • You only need one lite version for coding that is equal to or greater than your I-Step.
    • NOTE: If you get "Not Found [C012]" error when "Reading Coding Data," it is time to update.
  • Do NOT merge. DELETE old PSdZData folder & REPLACE w/ new PSdZData folder.
  • ISTA-P Version & I-Level Overview
  • Certain E-sys installation require a minimum Psdzdata:

TokenMaster's NCD / CAFD Tool 0.5.0 (Optional)
  • One other useful tool. You can read more about it here.

By Resource:
  1. NCD / CAFD: Read *.ncd files offline and easily search for function, viewing current settings as well as other options
  2. NCD Compare: Load *.ncd files using Folder icons or drag & drop and then far right button initiates compare. Popup showing Left vs right values which you can highlight and copy if you choose. It also highlights *.ncd trees differences in red & you can scroll up and down.
  3. Decrypt CAFD: not just for CAFD's. It also works for other Psdzdata files (eg FAFP).
  4. FA / FP: viewer; tool includes mapping (eg 430 Inter Exter mirror anti dazzle). You can search loaded FA or entire FAFP (ie available options). FP viewer allows you to view options by Vehicle Profile (FP) without loading FA (Vehicle Order).
  5. FA Compare: like #2, but comparing FA's.
  6. FA-CAFD: You load individual ECU's *.ncd and can see how FA additions will affect (ie "what-if).
  7. SVT-CAFD: You load entire saved SVT file and see how FA changes will affect (ie "what-if).
4. Step-By-Step Guides:

E-sys Getting Started Documents
  • Within the main directory, you will find two PDF's, including a sort of pictorial, Table of Contents and Guiding PDF (Information below).
  • Start w/ "Getting Started" paired w/ "Editors and Viewers" & "How to Change Werte Values"
  • Then, look at "How to change FA in F-series car," and "VO Coding Guide"
These short, pictorial, step-by-step documents will help familiarize you with E-sys terminology & GUI.
At a later time, peruse "User Manual v1.4," as it is more comprehensive & may be confusing or overwhelming at first.

VO vs FDL Coding
See Notes on Retrofits

NOTE: "CODE" = VO Coding. "Code FDL" = FDL Coding

5. Connecting To Vehicle:
  • E-sys Launcher: Select actual chassis (eg. F015 for 2014+ X5)
  • E-sys Connection Target: representative mainseries (eg. F025 for X5). See Target Window Below.
    • Info in "Launcher Targets and Chassis" PDF & "install instructions" in linked guides (above)
  • NOTE: Incorrect Launcher Chassis selection results in unmapped (ie without descriptions) ECU in FDL-Editor and Incorrect Connection Target results in "doesn't map to an item" read errors
For proper connection:
  • Make sure motor is running if car is not connected to External Charger.
    • This maintains battery voltage (See note below), provides power to all ECU's, and allows HVAC to run for more coding session.
  • Disable Third party Security Suites (ie Antivirus / Firewall / etc)
  • LAN Adapter is set for DHCP and not using a Static IP.
  • The Target Connection Window should not be blank (See multiple target connections for different chassis)

CAUTION WARNING: Besides initial connection, the following conditions can corrupt ECU's if vehicle & computer communication is disrupted:
  • Vehicle shutdown during coding because battery voltage is not maintain using either engine or external PSU
  • Lose or low quality cable / adapter.
  • Computer shuts down due to loss of battery.

6. Helpful Hints & Acronyms:
  • NEVER select "Code Default Values." It actually refers to an "Initial [unprocessed] State," which is not equal to "factory values."
  • Develop or utilize a system to track changes that works for you. One way is using BMW Coding Database
    • Search descriptions or function values & import codes (via selecting "To Car Profile") into created Car Profiles
  • E-sys Vehicle Files Backup:
    • Net-Coded Data: "Reading Coding Data" ==> processed car data in the form of an *.ncd's file (C:\data\CAF).
      • Prior to saving FDL-editor changes or "Reading Coding Data," move or copy these files to another location; otherwise, they will be overwritten
      • Using TokenMaster's NCD / CAFD Tool (NCD Compare) is just one way these can be used to highlight differences.
    • Comparatively, FA's (C:\data\FA) & SVT's (C:\data\SVT) must be manually saved after read from vehicle. Use as offline reference, but always read SVT from vehicle
  • Normal Behavior & What to Expect:
    • Prior to coding, backup your vehicle key profiles to a USB stick using idrive menus b/c saved preferences, including seat settings & hotkeys, may be erased depending on which ECU's you code
    • When VO or FDL coding, the associated car functions will power cycle (eg., HU_NBT turns off and show boot animation)
    • After FDL coding certain ECU's, various errors in the instrument cluster (eg, KOMBI) or head unit (eg, HU_NBT(2)) may appear
      • It is fine as long as E-sys pop-up shows "Report "0" Errors"
      • For KOMBI, you may have to reset clock
      • Others (eg. ACSM or ICM) will clear with driving or External Transmitter as described in ShawnSheridan's install instructions
  • Other Acronyms
    • VCM = Vehicle Configuration Management. The following two are pulled when "Read":
      • FA = Fahrzeugauftrag (German for Vehicle Order): Vehicle Profile, including VIN, upholstery, & factory options. Same information as found in Decoded VIN.
    • SVT = Software Variant Table: Lists all vehicle ECU's & their current firmware. Like FA's, it contains zero actual vehicle coding parameters.
    • ECU = electronic Control Unit (Complete CAFD_ID's LIST). SVT will list ECU name & CAFD_ID (eg, HU_NBT & CAFD_00000DED, respectively). Know CAFD_ID's to load NCD's in FDL-Editor.
    • CAFD = Processed CAF
7. Cheat Sheets:

Coding Made Easier (Cheat Codes in E-Sys Launcher): See Video @1:25

Make sure to "Review" potential changes before applying because funktions move around and present codes may not be relevant to vehicle.
  • Cheat Sheets also found in linked Guide (Section 4 "Getting Started") as well as BMW Coding Database (link in Section 6).
  • NOTE: Coding is Hardware Specific; this relates to ECU's and other components like Headlamps. See Technical Training Docs (On individual chassis threads), specifically "General Vehicle Electronics" for ECU Functions.
    • Example: DO NOT use Cheat Sheets or Launcher Cheat Codes meant for halogen lamps on Xenons or LED's.
    • Example: You will not find Fem_Body in a 5-series or BDC_Body in an M3.
    • Example: Folding mirrors via CA (Requires 322 CA) or keyFOB (Requires 430 / 430 Power Mirrors)
  • Cheat Sheets
    • Grouped by Shared ECU's (See Section 2 "Supported Chassis" & Section 6 "CAFD_ID's"):
      • F001 & F010 & F025. Main Module = FRM (CAFD_0000106D) and CAS (CAFD_0000000F).
      • F020. Also used F030. Main Modules are Fem_Body (Front, CAFD_00000794) & REM (Rear, CAFD_000007A1)
      • F030 Main Modules are Fem_Body (Front) & REM (Rear)
      • F015 & F048 & F056. Main Module is BDC_Body.
      • I001. Main Module is BDC_Body
      • G012 & G30 (Use F15 & Launcher Codes). Main Module is BDC_Body (CAFD_000017BC, CAFD_000017BD, CAFD_00001DF7, CAFD_00001DF8).

captirwin 07-08-2012 05:42 PM

Nicely Done
Good job,

ras31 07-21-2012 02:21 PM

I am not doing something right.
In First time full back up of Car's configuration file: I cannot do steps 11 thru 15, for some reason

April1 07-21-2012 02:38 PM

What's the problem? Will you explain more. This is very important step and you can't afford to skip.

ras31 07-21-2012 03:07 PM

WHen I right click on the green CAFD (individually or all by hold ctrl key), Read Coding Data is not active in the box, only DIF..

April1 07-21-2012 03:42 PM

Try to pick only one cafd which has a little green icon on left, right click on it and see what options you get. If you have installed the psdz data correctly, you should see Read Coding data or the button on the right will be enabled. Focus on the issue, dont skip and proceed further unless this issue is resolved.

Which car are you coding and what did you pick up targetSelector as? Investigate properly, no need to hurry up. You will definitely succeed, have patience.

ras31 07-21-2012 04:46 PM

I am coding an F02 2009 750Li

Ok, i got the CAFD files in C:\ESysData\CAF and saved

Took a break...then followed your coding steps...when I right clicked on CAFD, selected code FDL, a message says No EST file chosen...C155

marcosg 07-28-2012 11:53 PM

New Starter
I am new to coding and following the information in this forum I have successfully managed to connect to the car and read the coding data :).
I am now looking forward to programming.
Thank you everyone for your valued contribution and knowledge.

rocking bmw 08-06-2012 05:19 PM

I dont exactly get what this is for. what do you get by doing this?
and can it be done to a 1992 e36 325i?

April1 08-06-2012 07:01 PM

These step by step instructions are for beginners who want to quickly learn coding their Fxx series BMW cars.

Sorry these instructions and suggested tools/ data is not suitable for your 1992 e series.

skymast 08-07-2012 06:10 AM

I have my cable, i have read most of the threads but I am still unsure about specifically what and how to download the appropriate files. Can someone point me specifically what I need to download and from where. thank you!

April1 08-07-2012 10:33 AM

You need to download E-Sys - 3.18.4 and PSDZdata V46.3 files. Please read the instructions carefully, all needed is given there.

You can use the following link to download the software:

drkay 08-10-2012 08:34 AM

Coding Software Link
The link gives an error message: "Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"

Any assistance would be appreciated.

April1 08-10-2012 08:39 AM

It seems such direct links to SW downloads have been removed from various sites.

April1 08-18-2012 06:15 PM

In case its desired to uninstall E-Sys with data files, run attached "Unistall_ESYS with data.bat" file after removing the extension pdf.

kcxi 08-18-2012 08:27 PM

Success!! A Big "Thank You" to April1
A Big "Thank You" to April1 for all the work he did and I benefited! :)

Exactly one week ago today, I PM April1 asking about cable and software for coding. On Monday, he shipped the package via USPS Priority Mail and I got it on Wednesday.

The package was professionally done, with labels on the flash drive and cable. Very nice!!

I followed this thread and others about coding, and finally decided that it was time, but links to the software was no where to be found. Fortunately April1 was the one-stop-shop for all my coding needs.

Last Sunday after April1 confirmed he had everything I need, I started preparing my Windows XP laptop computer and read up on the instructions.

Wednesday night I copied Apirl1's flash drive onto my hard drive, installed the software, studied the instructions, made some notes to get ready for Thursday night's connection to my 2013 X3.

Thursday night came, I was careful to disable anti-virus software and Windows firewall, and turned off my laptop's WiFi and Bluetooth. I also made sure I turned of all lights (automatic headlights, daylight running lights, and dome lights) in the car to conserve power. I followed the instructions to connect to my car. I was able to read the CAF file from my car and did a backup.

I had originally planned on doing just that on Thursday night. However, the process was so easy that I went on to code.

I successfully:
  1. disabled iDrive legal disclaimer during iDrive startup
  2. disbaled camera legal disclaimer
  3. added pressure and temperature readings to the TPMS screen
  4. enabled DVD in motion
I tried but wasn't able to enable turn signal on HUD.

April1's cable and software bundle, detailed instructions and screen shots in the "E-Sys - Getting Started Coding" PDF files paved the way to my quick success.

I greatly appreciate the contribution of all who went before me and so generously shared their knowledge! :thumbup:

April1 08-18-2012 10:49 PM


Welcome to the coders community

larrylotus 08-19-2012 05:38 AM

What I resourceful thread, thanks everyone... I am waiting for the cable - and new X3 - that are on order and will be ready to code :-)

sdorian1983 08-28-2012 06:39 AM

Is this will work with E60 ???

April1 08-28-2012 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by sdorian1983 (Post 7038767)
Is this will work with E60 ???

Sorry my friend, it is for Fxx series.

April1 08-29-2012 08:58 AM

With the availabity of psdzdata 47.4 and no reporting of any serious issue, I have updated my first post on step by step instructions.

You can use the batch files if you have the psdz data files. Three batch files are included 1. New installation 2. Update the previous installation by replacing the data files and 3. Totally cleanup the current installation including E-Sys.

Best Wishes


marcosg 08-30-2012 05:41 AM

Where can I download the psdzdata 47.4 files?

April1 08-30-2012 08:29 AM

PM me with your email ID

larrylotus 09-01-2012 04:14 AM

I'd like to contribute at finding new neat features to activate or modify through coding. But frankly, I don't quite know where to start looking.

And I can't read or speak German, so I've been using Google Translate to somehow understand the sub-sections of the modules. Not always obvious !

I also notice that some mods require changes to one or more sections... And I'm a little insecure (but not too much) about screwing up the car to a point that it will no longer start. And then hear the classical "I told you so..." from my wife :-)

Any insights or tricks will be appreciated, thanks !

drkay 09-02-2012 12:45 PM

No Targets Listed
Software loaded into computer. Cable OK when connected to OBD as my VIN is read. When I hit the "connect" button there are no "target" listings. I have an F25 (2013). Any suggestions?

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