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TopDownInFL 07-20-2012 08:33 PM

Drivetrain Failure!
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Was driving my wife to dinner (Fridays are date night) and suddenly the engine begins to shake and up pops the error in the pic. Oddly enough my wife had the very same issue on her car this week (not a BMW). I think my car had sympathy problems.

Texted my SA - he's in tomorrow am. Called roadside assistance and getting a tow tomorrow am early. I figure while I'm there I'll get the gas tank splash back issue addressed as well.

I'll keep you all posted.

TopDownInFL 07-20-2012 08:35 PM

Couldn't drive faster than about 30. Anything more and it felt like the engine was going to pop out of the engine bay.

My wife somehow found it all too amusing and cracked up everytime my car had what felt like an epileptic seizure.

southern6er22 07-20-2012 09:08 PM

Ew. Sorry :( I hope it's an easy fix.

07X3platinum 07-20-2012 09:21 PM

This seems to be a common problem with BMW's V-8s.

I've seen the same problem from people with the 750i and 550i.

sea6speed 07-20-2012 09:24 PM

Just be glad Microsoft doesn't write the iDrive software. They'd just ask you to run some diagnostic utility repeatedly.

XZLR8 07-20-2012 10:36 PM

Same problem I had with #1, although if I shut the car off and let it cool, it started back fine. Did this happen to you after a warm start?

Kozmo10 07-21-2012 12:45 AM

I had the same thing happen about a year ago in my 750. I turned the ignition off, let it sit for a minute and restarted it. Worked fine after that and never happened again. I took in to get serviced slightly after and my SA said they had to reprogram something and it was no big deal. Hope it is nothing.

xDrive McGee 07-21-2012 09:38 AM

Ouch! I had something similar with my 5 series (6 cylinder). One trip to the dealer fixed it.

TopDownInFL 07-21-2012 10:09 AM

After an hour last night same thing. Called BMW RA and scheduled a tow this am. Started the car this morning with the same result. So I took it in.

XZLR8 07-21-2012 01:10 PM

Keep us posted.

TopDownInFL 07-23-2012 06:36 PM

UPDATE: 4 fuel injectors and a pressure fuel sensor. Looks like tomorrow. On the upside, I got a brand-spankin' new X5 (68 miles on her) as a loaner! 07-23-2012 11:04 PM

Man, we all talk on here so much that when things like this happen, it feels like it is happening to family. Sorry for the problem and I hope you get it back really soon.

svp66 07-24-2012 04:57 AM

Had the same problem, it was the fuel pump on one side. Unbalanced and shaking because only one half of the engine was working

southern6er22 07-24-2012 05:12 AM


Originally Posted by (Post 6968673)
man, we all talk on here so much that when things like this happen, it feels like it is happening to family. Sorry for the problem and i hope you get it back really soon.


petriej 07-24-2012 10:53 AM

Meanwhile, the rest of us appreciate you beta testing these cars for us.

In all seriousness, I'm glad you weren't in a dangerous situation when this occurred. When I had my 6er I had a misfire (eventually found it to be the Crankshaft Position Sensor) on I-5, and nearly got rear-ended.

JONNYCHIRO 07-24-2012 12:49 PM

Yo TopDown Sorry to hear 'bout the headache! Hope it's resolved soon.

TopDownInFL 07-24-2012 05:55 PM

Thanks guys. She's back home. Driving perfectly.

I mentioned the gas tank splash back issue and a) they couldn't reproduce (but I did get a free gallon of gas when they tried!) and b) BMW has no bulletin on this issue.

southern6er22 07-24-2012 05:57 PM

I had that issue today. I couldn't use my normal pump that doesn't give me the problem. Had to stand there and pump my own gas. #6erownerproblems

Glad your car is okay :)

TopDownInFL 10-05-2012 06:38 AM

Driving to work today, it happened again. I'm not happy.

Socal1979 10-05-2012 11:48 AM

I had this problem on a 750LI. I was told it was a battery problem. Might want to check the battery.

pan 10-06-2012 03:48 PM

When the warning comes on are there symptoms with the car?

TopDownInFL 10-06-2012 06:53 PM

Oh yes. Massive shaking like the cars about to fall apart.

southern6er22 10-06-2012 09:46 PM

That's scary...

TopDownInFL 10-08-2012 06:28 PM

UPDATE: the other bank of four fuel injectors had to be replaced. Getting the car back tomorrow.

EmM HoLLa 10-08-2012 07:06 PM

Wow... Sorry to hear TopDown...

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