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bmw-x3drive 08-12-2012 06:53 PM

Intake Runner Valve replacement issue
Got rough idle and finally would just shut down on low idle.
Scanned and got a code about short to ground on the intake runner valve.
Sometimes starts but soon hissing sound is heard and pumps till dies.

Removed three bolts, but as it is close to the side and has long “nose” inside the manifold it hits the side and cannot remove it.
Tried to turn it 90 degrees but just not possible to remove it. Wondering if need to take off the manifold or something?
I guess it is easier with 3 series or some other engines, but the position of the plastic part on this model is just too far back and too close to the bumper side on the driver side.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

If I need to remove intake, would anyone know the steps?
Where do I get the part? What would be a good service manual?

Supercourse 08-12-2012 07:12 PM

The DISA valve?


Not sure if that is the same removal issue as you are having.

No Bentley service manual for the X3 unfortunately.

Codes can lead you in the wrong direction.
Isn't a wailing sound a symptom of a bad DISA?

fivepointnine 08-12-2012 09:37 PM

you need to remove the cabin filter housing, and the little plastic panel on the drivers side strut mount area (and the strut bar) to get the DISA valve out.

bmw-x3drive 08-13-2012 11:16 PM

Thanks both of you for the very useful information.

Here is the update:

Followed fivepointnine instructions and it was easy to get the DISA valve out. Had to remove some solenoid relay out of the way to get the lower small bolt out of the plastic panel/separator. The part had quite a bit of carbon deposits and one side had broken red rubber segment. Replaced with a brand new part but not much has changed. Still the same issue.

Took everything apart again, and also removed a cylinder part under the manifold just below the DISA valve. Looks like it is an idle control valve. The inner cylinder was full of carbon deposits and it was not moving at all. Sprayed with the throttle and intake cleaner, brushed all inside and moved it with the plastic tip. Repeated process multiple times till all clean and moving freely. At the end it could move just by quickly twisting in the hand and the inertia would move the rotating cylinder inside.
Removed spark plugs and they were full of carbon showing rich running condition. Replaced with new ones. Also changed the air filter at this time.

Put it back together and all issues resolved.

Got a lot smoother idle, with slightly higher idle RPM. When engaging from park to D or R the engine compensate a lot quicker to the load.
The response is so much better, real enjoyment as a little reward for the hard work. Seems that the gas consumption is somewhat better as well (29.4 on the highway at 55/60 mph speed).

So, supercourse was right that the code was misleading. I am somewhat puzzled why it would show pending code of intake valve "short to ground". I was scanning with Ross-Tech VW/Audi tool with an option to convert manufacture specific codes to generic ones. Still glad I replaced DISA as it seems to help with the response.

Great posts, thank you again a bunch for helping me out.

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