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BLNDINABMW 08-28-2012 05:01 PM

X3 Dealership Repairs!
I have a 2004 X3 that just hit 104,000 miles! Its my baby and I love it so any and all advice you have I would love!

Yesterday when I got into my car the 4x4 light, brake light and transmissions lights were on in a bright yellow manner!

I called my mechanic and he said I would be ok to drive but to bring it in asap. So I started to drive it and from what I have learned the car was in "limp mode" so breaking and changing gears felt horrible! I was scared to death and pulled into my BMW dealership and let them take a look at it. It turns out that I need a new Crank Position Sensor for the car which I am letting the dealership replace. However, they also wanted to do the following maintenance on my car.

1. Fuel Injection Service - $249
2. Brake Fluid Service - $249
3. Wheel alignment - $250

When I called my mechanic to see if I had had these services done recently, he immediately asked if I was at the dealership and then rattled off items that I had not told him about that the dealership probably wanted to service.

My mechanic said the fuel service was not necessary because he puts additives in when I come in for service, the brake fluid was not necessary because when he changed the brakes he put in new fluid.

I am curious what your experience is with the following services and if you feel like they are necessary?

Supercourse 08-28-2012 05:42 PM

Wonder how they would they know the fuel injectors needed cleaning?
They are just looking to sell an unnecessary service and at a premium price too.
If you normally use a brand-name gasoline with good cleaning additives in it,
you probably don't even need your mechanic to add anything at each service.

I guess they would have no way of knowing that your brake fluid had been changed every 2 or so years by your mechanic, so a valid recommendation.
However, way over-priced.
Should be around $150 or less, especially if having other things done at the same time.
They would use their BMW-specific computer to activate the ABS sensors so that all the fluid got refreshed - your mechanic may or may not have the means to do that,
but debatable if that extra step really is necessary when changing fluid on a regular basis.

They could have examined your tires and noted a particular abnormal wear pattern to determine that an alignment should be done.
Or they thought your steering wheel was off center in the straight ahead position.
But I am beginning to think they are just intent on selling you anything they can.
I thought 4 wheel alignments were more like $150 but I have never had one done, on any vehicle, so I am not sure.
But at that price, they should be budgeting time to add weights in the passenger seats according to your usual load, and the cost of any needed shims, etc.
If they didn't do a good job, you could end up paying $250 to have a problem that didn't exist before.

Hope the CPS replacement really was needed and not a stab in the dark on their part.

suthtow 08-28-2012 07:38 PM

They are called a stealer ship for a reason. Sell sell sell. Whether you need it or not. They just want your money. We just hired a tech from a BMW dealership and his first brake fluid flush with us. He asked do we flush the fluid or just suck or the reservoir like at the dealership.

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