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Weisebar 10-03-2012 04:46 AM

A/C Advice/Info (Somewhat long)
Greetings everyone,
thought I might share the following information regarding the E34 Air Conditioning System.
As the weather is starting to warm up here in Australia, I figured that it's time to get the A/C working. Took the vehicle to a local, well respected mechanic and took advantage of his $110.00 pre-summer special for re-gassing the system. Left the car (1995 - 525i) and received a call about 2 hours later saying that the job could not be completed as there was a leak in the system 'somewhere'. When the system is re-gassed the old gas is sucked out and a vacuum created in the system prior to the new gas being injected. The mechanic told me that when the 'sucking' process was completed the system would not hold the vacuum and therefore there was a leak. Given that the dispersing of A/C gas into the atmosphere is now illegal, he did not attempt to re-charge the system. Charged me $40 and I left. Later I called another mobile specialist who came to the house and inspected the car. He told me the following.
Apparently, there is a seal within the compressor that can often be dislodged when the system is placed in a state of vacuum, causing what appears to be a leak in the system. When the gas is injected back into the system it usually reseats the seal and all is ok. He charged the system with gas and dye and kept the car overnight. Problem fixed. No leak. Takes my driving pleasure to a whole new level.:thumbup:

robertobaggio20 10-03-2012 10:26 AM

This is important info, Weisebar. Thank you.

Why does the old gas need to be sucked out first? Why can't they simply top up new gas to the correct pressure (obviously the pressure must have fallen before) ? You were not sending your system for a full flush and change of compressor and the ac valves etc.

How much did the second guy charge you for his work ?

robertobaggio20 10-03-2012 10:51 AM

There was a recent thread here where someone changed out the blower motor and the microfilter in his car and received much stronger fan speeds as a result. He was clear that the biggest factor in the improvement of the fan's speed was the microfilter by a long mile. This is a DIY, although it is meticulous as the microfilter is accessible via the glove compartment and you need to make sure nothing breaks when you dismantle stuff to reach it. There are many DIYs published out there guiding one through this. The microfilter itself is really cheap - $20. Since you are doing a partial refresh of you ac system, I strongly recommend that you swop out your microfilter as well. The least you're going to get is alot cleaner air. Pictures of old clogged microfilter are quite sickening.

Here's the thread I was referring to earlier :

cheers, Roberto

Weisebar 10-03-2012 02:46 PM

Hi Roberto,
When I bought the vehicle it had no condensor and electric fan in it. Probably because the previous owner failed to replace it after some sort of damage. Anyway there was no gas in the system as it was open. Before the initial attempt at re-gassing I had fitted a new receiver /drier at a cost of $90. The final, successful job cost me $200 which I was pleased to pay as the cost could have been much more if there were issues somewhere else. The other thing that surprised me is that the panel on the top of the dash blows cool air now. I thought that I'd read on a forum sometime that the top panel was only designed to blow un-cooled air. Nevertheless a happy camper ready for summer. Thanks for the reminder to change the microfilter too. I have had it out previously and found it to be chocked up with leaves etc. At that time I blew the filter clean with my compressor but haven't replaced it as yet. Will do so now.

rsims5series 10-07-2012 05:15 PM

AC and Issues
Hi All, had a great end of summer, I lost the only key to my 530I and I just ordered a New key and should have this week.
As I was waiting I located a AC compressor pretty cheap $50 local too.
I also want to take out the window regulator on the drivers door? I see the Rivot type screws, Can I UNSCREW them they have threads? Ive read you have to drill them out,If I drill them what do I replace them with? same things or Nut and screw.
PO had tried using the window off track and bent one arm,I have it working but its off in height,I might try to straighten it once out...
Anyway whats the best way to go to remove it?


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