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boabmac 10-03-2012 08:26 AM

Iphone integration
Hi folks,
I am new to this kind of sites so please forgive my ignorance.
I have a 2005 320i with the business CD player and 6 CD changer in the boot. I want to integrate my Iphone to my original business stereo. I have done lots of research on this most of which has brought me to this site. I understand there is a DIY for this via the cd changer and there is lots of devices to do the job also.
My question is tho... What would be the best integration device or is the DIY job easier than it reads??
Any and all help would be very much appreciated.. Thanks in advance.

Greg330CI 10-03-2012 07:01 PM


Check out this site:

They have a unit called a DICE. This substitues for the 6 stack and enables connection of your IPOD or IPHONE to the Business CD unit. Essentially you disconnect the connections to your 6 stack CD player in the boot and connect this unit. They supply all cables and matching connectors so fitting it is a question of running cables from the boot back through the car up to the glove box. It's time consuming but if you have any DIY capability it is not difficult. These guys also provide full "how to" instructions. There is also a U tube video. I have installed one on my 330CI which has the OEM Nav / radio CD Unit. It works fine.

boabmac 10-04-2012 03:45 AM

Hi Greg330CI

Thanks for your reply

I have seen this unit on youtube and it looks like what I'm looking for and very easy to install although I have seen through this site that its not as good as could be. Can anybody deny or confirm this. And also is there any other units that do the same thing but either better or cheaper etc.?
Also is there an easy DIY?

1972ford 10-04-2012 07:45 AM

I can vouch for the DICE unit, I have it in my car with a 2003 factory head unit. It's a little quirky at times, but 98% of the time it's great. I get in my car and my phone is paired with the stereo, I can play any music through my phone and the steering wheel controls work to change tracks and obviously volume. Calls come in and display the number on the stereo's screen, you can answer and hang up with the wheel controls. I love how my phone sits nicely down by the ashtray where it's easily visible, so dialing a number is reasonably safe with the gigantic numbers you get on-screen with an iphone. Sound quality is acceptable, but it's wireless so you get some loss. Installation was as Greg said, just running removing panels and harnesses no splicing or soldering or any of that. I put the mic up by the map lights, and phone conversations are clear and easy. I like that the mic is the only visible part of the whole system, it's completely hidden otherwise.

Negatives: the phone won't interrupt if you're listening to another source, i.e. CD or Radio. For me at least, the screen shows the name of the first track played, but never changes when the track changes, although I truly do not care about that function. Changing settings is a little weird, like programming a valentine radar detector if you've ever done that (turn on and press certain buttons within certain timeframes...) it's all in the manual and once it was set up I never changed it.

Overall I think it's fantastic, and about as good as any factory bluetooth integration I've used, with the exception of not interrupting the other sources.

If you just want an AUX in, there's a simple DIY for that and it's nearly free.

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