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YoPapa 10-03-2012 01:06 PM

Euro Front Bumper for 2012 328i Coupe - Where?
Hi All,

I'm new to the site and currently looking for an original BMW Euro-style front bumper for my 2012 328i Coupe (E92 with M Sport Package and Park Distance Control, but no automatic headlight washers).

I seem to find a lot of info on M3 Euro bumpers, but nothing so far on bumpers for the 328 (I assume they must be different).

Not sure if any US BMW dealer would be able to order one, but I would definitely want an original BMW part, no replica or other 3rd-party bumper.

What would be the best place to get one, and how much do they usually cost (un-painted)?

Orient330iNYC 10-03-2012 01:33 PM

i think you'll need to have one imported from the EU-- us dealers cant get the eu bumper because its not dot compliant (i'm assuming you are getting a euro bumper so it doesnt have the reflector cutouts)

the bumper skin is cheap-- 400-500. whats going to kill you is international freight since its a big and bulky item. i'm going to guess the shipping is going to cost as much as the bumper, so figure about 1K unpainted.

probably much cheaper to get a US bumper skin and have the body shop fill the reflector holes.

YoPapa 10-03-2012 03:18 PM

Thanks, Orient!

I almost figured that would be the case, though I was hoping it wouldn't.

Are there any importers here in the US (Bay area / California specifically) that do this? Or would it mean ordering directly from Europe?

The reflectors do bother me a bit, though not as much as the license plate, which does deface the front, IMO.

I suppose another option would be to have the plate removed, the bumper plastic filled and re-painted, which would probably run me several hundred to 1K as well overall. (And I hear such a fix doesn't always look perfect, because the material in the holes will shrink.)

Orient330iNYC 10-03-2012 04:32 PM

the US bumpers dont come predrilled. thats done at the dealership while the car is being prepped for delivery.

even with a US bumper, you're looking at about 1K to replace after you figure in the paint and the labor.

filling the holes should be about 2-300 or so.

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