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snysny89 10-05-2012 11:16 AM

help plz..98 e36 m3 no start trouble starting..
Hey guys, I am new to the forum so sorry if this has already been talked about elsewhere. Some background info...I recently bought a 1998 m3 w/123k. Within a few weeks of owning it the expansion tank released all the anti-freeze (steamed out). So I took it in and had to get a new expansion tank and all the hoses etc.. I had no choice to do it myself since Its my daily driver. I was charged $470 for this parts and labor. While I had it in I expressed a concern I had had about the car not "firing up" great. sometimes I would have to stomp on the pedal to start it up, does not always fire up right away like it should. Without even checking he said I need a fuel pump assembly and pressure regulator and he could do it for $660. I said no thanks because I was not very happy with him and Id rather order the parts myself IF thats the problem. I also had a brake light switch installed for a check control error of brake light circuit. Long story short he says he checked the fuel pump and it isnt holding pressure. A few weeks later (tonight), the car would not start. lights windows radio air all work but it would not crank over at all. it makes a hissing sound sounds like its coming out of the stereo or control module. I googled it and it sounds like maybe I have a blown fuse, ignition or bad starter, or maybe it is infact the fuel pump assembly? After googling I tried to start it again and it caught, I drove it around briefly and all seemed fine...anyone have some insight.

Also a few weeks ago I had the spining key problem..I am just not sold on wheter or not it is a bad fuel pump or something wrong with the starter or even just a fuse. How do I check, etc..
ALSo does anyone know where I can buy a good OBD scanner to check codes myself or how to use the check control to do tests. rather not pay the dealer or indy $100 to run my codes

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