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palehorse13 10-06-2012 05:37 PM

Ghost in the low level light?
My girlfriend has a 2001 Z3 with a 2.5 motor. It currently has a bout 76K on the "clock".

Recently the yellow low level oil light has been coming on shortly after you start up the car and then randomly after that.

I immediately checked the oil level via the dipstick and it looked fine. Nonetheless I bought a new "no name" oil level sensor on eBay and changed the oil, dropped the engine crossmember and changed the sensor which is located in the bottom of the oil pan. :bigpimp:

At FIRST I thought I was a genius because the oil level light was NOT coming on when you first started up the car. I figured I had fixed the problem. I took it for a drive and she ran out 25 miles without any issue.

When I was coming home and driving about 2 blocks from home the low oil level light came on and stayed on. I stopped, turned the car off and turned it back on and the low oil light went out and stayed out (for another 20 minutes).

Now when the light comes on it stays on but goes out and stays out if you stop the car and start it back up again. Before with the old sensor it would come on and off randomly but quite frequently shortly after starting the car up (hot or cold).

I know the motor is filled with oil. The red oil pressure light is NOT coming on. Can I assume the problem is either the wiring or the cheap "no name/non BMW" sensor?

Is there any way that the low oil level light can actually be detecting a low oil level condition? The motor sounds great. I am not doing any high speed cornering when this happens.

I am not sure whether it is using any oil but I will be monitorring it closely.

Any thoughts as to what is going on here?:dunno:


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