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jmh 10-07-2012 07:21 AM

Week late ... F10 M5 Delivery 10/1
A little late as I was occupied with driving the past week :)
I took delivery (with 3 other fellow M5 owners) on 10/1 of my F10 M5.
It is Brilliant White with Full/Extended Cohiba Brown Interior (Individual order to make
up for the silliness of BMW not offering full / extended Individual leather).
Also added a few items during ED such as color matched side and front grills,
powder coated exhaust tips and the Carbon Fiber Interior trim from the Performance Program (was just released in Germany) .

This delivery was quite unique as I had two friends come along who are both working for the BMW dealer I buy my cars from (one is the General Manager and the other one the shop foreman) , so I was all set for roadside assistance/service if needed.

After we took delivery we headed to the ///M Studio for a quick tour and chat with one of the engineers (as always German engineers will not talk about the future and even our suggestion to consider a dual caliper setup for the rear (like Ferrari) instead of the flimsy 550 OEM rear calipers got no reaction :) ).
But it was very nice of them to host us and the lady who was our tour guide did a great job and went out of her way to make everyone feel at home. I hope I/we can return the favor one day when she's coming to the US.

After the ///M Studio visit we headed to the BMW plant in Dingolfing where the 5/6/7 series and Rolls Royce chasis are build. As it was a private tour the group was small (8 folks, us and 5 other folks from this and the F10 M5 board joined us for the studio and plant tours) and we got to see quite a bit of the production line and all of its stages. Also got to see a few interesting sights such as the new "3 GT" and a frozen red M6 coupe . To make it even better we also got a private tour of the BMW Welt and its logistics on Saturday.

The next day we headed off to our tour through the alps via Tatzelwurm, Thierbach, Zell am See, Grossglockner, Lake Garda, Stelvio, Umbria, Reschenpass, Silvretta Pass, Deutsche Alpenstrasse and a few other smaller passes. Last stop was Garmisch which allowed us to do a quick high speed run back to minute (covered 80km in >15 minutes) .
A short video can be found here

Pretty much everything has been said about the car itself and there's really not much
to add. A few things I think are worth mentioning are the way the car puts the power down and its never stopping acceleration. If you are going for top speed it will take you right up to the limiter without any hesitation (or if you have no limiter it will take you right up to ~304 km/h) , the weekend before I had an unlimited F10 M5 with winter tires and you can easily get wheel spin at 240 when shifting from 5th into 6th.

The new nav system is so much better then the "old" one, much faster , better graphics and many minor enhancements/features added (still a few items I'd like to see have not yet made it and a few silly things such as no pairing of Bluetooth devices while driving can be annoying)

The build quality is definitely the best so far of any M car and it was quite interesting to see how many heads the car will turn .

Once it's state side I have a few things in mind I plan to do and will keep folks informed...

Below are a few pictures of the car itself and I'll work on a more complete report/pictures etc over the coming days/weeks ....

Oh and one thing you may notice , Brilliant White is one of the most difficult colors to take pictures of . It has a slightly different look in pretty much every light , but it is quite
stunning in real life and goes well with the Cohiba Brown interior

Higher res pictures can be found at

and a map of our loop (ended up doing Stelvio up and down via Umbria/Switzerland)
If anyone is interested in the details (hotels. daily routes etc) let me know
and I can make them available. Including the maps/data to load it into your NAV system (will only work on cars with the "old" NAV and not on the new F10 5 Series or F30 ActiveHybrid, so I never got to use them :( )

gbarros 10-07-2012 12:25 PM

She's a beauty! Maybe I'll see her next time we meet :)

AggieKnight 10-07-2012 07:53 PM

She's hot. Thanks for sharing.

323power 10-08-2012 06:48 AM

Very similar route to mine....awesome car. Congrats!

jmh 11-08-2012 09:24 AM

Various pointers and Etherpads from my October ED

as a few folks have asked I fiugured I'd just post my Etherpads and pointers
I used for my ED back in October .

Below is a list of possibly interesting resources and pointers.
Basically we drove from Munich to Zell am See, Grossglockner, Lake Garda,
Stelvio, Umbria, Reschen, Silvretta, Garmisch, Kochelsee etc
The routes on Google Maps will show that we probably did 85% alp road/backroad driving.
This should make for a great break-in tour as the constant change in revs and up and down
the mountains helps quite a bit to aid in oil distribution and settling in :)

ED Pointers / Resources

Various Tours around Munich

Day 1 (Munich ED Delivery / M Studio Tour / Dingolfing Plant Tour)

Day 2 (Munich to Zell am See via Thierbach/Kitzbuehel)

Day 3 (Zell am See / Grossglockner / Lake Garda)

Day 4 (Lake Garda to Silvretta via Stelvio/Umbria/Reschen)

Day 5 (Silvretta to Garmisch)



boothguy 11-08-2012 10:56 AM

Very handsome car - congrats. Very cool idea to take a pair of your friends from the dealership along. I'll bet they were thrilled.

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