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jimvideopro 10-07-2012 08:10 PM

Losing some coolant
Cranked up the car today ('06 330Cic) and the coolant light came on. Expansion tank was empty. Topped it off with a 50/50 mix of BMW coolant, a total of 28 oz. No light when I put it in the garage the night before, and no leakage on the floor. I assume it finally just got down to the point where it triggered the light.

Any suggestions? It's not the transmission thermostat O-ring; I replaced that about 8 months ago and no signs of leakage there.

I'm off to the dealer later this week for the last visit prior to the CPO warranty running out. What should I tell them to look for? Car has just under 70K on the clock. I assume if it was the expansion tank it would be a catastrophic leak... Any suggestions/assistance are appreciated.

QAfred 10-07-2012 08:22 PM

Tell them to look for a leak :p

I topped my wife's expansion tank off about 4 weeks ago. Could not find anything wet etc. but when I pulled the belts to look at the waterpump I found dried up anti-freeze (white spots) on the back of the pulley that covers the pump. I did not want to believe the WP went out again after just 50k, topped it off and put it all back together. Two weeks later when the pump fragged, blew the serpentine belt off and made it look like a weed whacker under my hood (the serpentine belt shredded and wrapped itself around the pulley 50 thousand times...thank goodness I taught my wife to shut everything off as soon as she sees a red light -alternator).

New pump fixed it.. I now use GRAF WP only (that was OEM) and BMW anti-freeze, because they (manufacturer) said it would not be warrantied otherwise...I use to not be a believer in that and used Prestone regularly...may be anecdotal evidence but no more chances for me.

BTW- I changed her first pump at 165K, as a maintenance item before she went on a long trip and nothing was wrong with it? It was a GEBA that blew out at 50K.

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