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white_lancer 10-15-2012 12:28 AM

Reconditioning head lights

My E53 headlights have faded in the sun and the plastic lens is now discoloured. Is it possible to recondition the plastic lens as the new head light units cost a fortune? what equipment do I need and what is the best way to do this? regards. Tony.

Prometheus 10-15-2012 06:26 AM

Good question. Mine are faded too. Any answers would be appreciated on this very good e53 question.

tmvE39/E53/Z32 10-15-2012 07:08 AM

I used 3M kit on my E39 with great result. Search for same topic threads on E39 forum.

ManiM1191 10-15-2012 09:40 PM

mine are also terrible but i have cleaned a lot of other headlights by using the motherball head light restorer thing and also wet sanding and buffing/polishing. all the ones ive donw came out great!

Prometheus 10-16-2012 06:54 AM

Great guys. I'm so relieved that there is a solution, as my heads are in bad need of cleaning up.

ECSTuning 10-17-2012 12:02 PM

We've had a lot of luck with the CCP Headlight restore kit (LINK). Below is a video we did a while back showing how the product works.

boramkiv 10-17-2012 07:50 PM

Come on TMV, Why you take a picture of two different cars?:rofl:

Honestly make sure to take care of them after the polish as they can fade faster the next time around. Im going through that now. Ill just get some aftermarket lights especially since the ingitor is moving around in there on one of the lights.

reytran 10-17-2012 11:23 PM

I prefer getting a replaced headlight or aftermarket one. Quick and new. For ~$400 bucks ?

ManiM1191 10-17-2012 11:28 PM

i thought about using the the ugly of the old ones as an excuse to buy new nicer headlights, but its a lot of money to dish out compared to a 10-50 dollar easy fix

reytran 10-17-2012 11:40 PM

Agree, but it will easily faded again after a few months isn't it? For this car I just had some planned to spend a couple thousands to get it a new look. So one of a kind E53 on the street.

Prometheus 10-18-2012 07:24 AM

The reason I'm a Bimmerfest member is that I can receive valuable, time-saving information such as those provided above. Thanks Beema champs for all the valuable help on this topic :)

tmvE39/E53/Z32 10-18-2012 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by reytran (Post 7141752)
I prefer getting a replaced headlight or aftermarket one. Quick and new. For ~$400 bucks ?

When you have the old ones replaced, I'll send you the shipping cost for them ;) :D


Originally Posted by boramkiv (Post 7141458)
Come on TMV, Why you take a picture of two different cars?:rofl:


Scott ZHP 10-18-2012 05:37 PM

Did my wife's E53 about two years ago with a polishing kit. They looked great for about a year. Bought new Hella housings for about $225ea. They pop up on eBay every so often.

white_lancer 10-21-2012 08:17 AM

reconditioning lights
took the plunge at the weekend and decided to do the lights. removed them from the car and they looked like this

started with the 400 grit wet and dry and after about half an hour they looked like this

then went on to 800, 1200, 1500, 2000 and 2500. sprayed lots of water on them during the sanding process. finally I used a rubbing compound and polished them up. they now look as good as new. a lot of hard work but well worth it in the end.

Scott ZHP 10-21-2012 12:32 PM

They look great. Check back in a year and tell us how they're holding up. Mine looked great but clouded quickly.

tmvE39/E53/Z32 10-22-2012 07:16 AM

white_lancer, put on lamin-X to keep them fresh.

white_lancer 10-22-2012 08:13 AM

thanks will do.

really pleased with how good they look.

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