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mxr181 10-17-2012 05:12 PM

Considering a 95 e36 M3 for fun DD?
Hey guys, Ive been reading a ton on here but this is my first post...

I recently moved to southern california and transferred schools, (I am a 23 y/o full time mechanical engineering student). I am looking for a fun reasonably cheap DD and thinking an e36 m3 is the way to go! My best friend actually has a 95 and wants to trade for my yamaha wr250x supermoto, I love the bike but it doesnt make as much sense since I moved so I am strongly considering trading. Ive driven the car and it was a ton of fun, but my biggest concern is the actual cost to DD this has 140K miles, turner stage 2 kit, exhaust, good tires, aluminum radiator w/ efans, some valence under the radiator, koni suspension, and I think thats most of it. I have another project, so mainly looking for something I can drive and not put a ton of time into!

He says he gets almost 30mpg on the freeway but Ive heard it will get much less, I think thats just the OBC reading and its really lower than that? What major maintenance items do you guys think I would need to address. I know it has a rebuilt vanos, good tires, fresh belts, window motors, etc as he just went through it pretty well. It could use a paint job but I really dont care about that if its a solid car and its not that bad anyway.

I have seen threads and talked to people that say they are very solid, and then read other threads saying the are maintenance pigs! What is your guys' take on this and would it be a good fit for my situation, or would you just get something cheaper and boring?

petriej 10-18-2012 09:20 AM

Read this:

the 95 M3 is an awesome DD, and 140k miles is just about in the early-mid lifetime. As long as it wasn't abused and it was properly cared for that car can last for another 10 years, easy. 30mpg is pretty easy to get on a highway trip, but I've found it much more enjoyable to race around like a lunatic. Even then I get 26-28mpg.

Which school are you attending? And, as a Mech Engr, do you have any interest in doing your own maintenance?

mxr181 10-18-2012 09:40 AM

Ya Im reading that thread right looks like most of the maintenance stuff has been done, but I dont know about the shock mounts, bushings, etc...I do know it has been lowered and has koni shocks, I think he said they are coilovers but I dont know for sure, it definetly rides pretty dang firm. I know of a VERY good local shop that knows these cars very well (both of the owners sons have them and track the heck out of them). I am definetly very mechanical and can handle 90% of the maintenance myself...I am just a little burned out on wrenching as I have an f150 I did a complete drivetrain swap and then supercharged and have been working on it constantly since...Ill never get that crazy with a DD again, but its fun when its running good!

The guys at that shop told I was crazy thinking I would get anywhere near that mpg wise but I dont think they drive on the freeway much at all. I can definetly handle regular maintenance but I am not really looking for something I will be constantly wrenching on and dumping money you think with the maintenance that has been done and if it passes a PPI well I will be pretty solid with it?

Lastly what do you guys think is a good price on the car? I would be trading straight accross for my supermoto which is probably worth $5000-5500ish so Im thinking that is a pretty good deal on the car? Otherwise I would probably keep the bike for fun and get some super cheap beater car I dont really care about.

petriej 10-18-2012 09:44 AM

Yea that's a decent price if everything checks out. Even if there are a few minor things wrong with it. If you're not going to mod it extensively, then you probably won't have to wrench on it much at all.

And yes, properly driven the M3 can get 30mpg. Higher if you really baby it, but that means getting passed by pretty much everyone. I do this in my X5 and it's awesome.

mxr181 10-18-2012 09:53 AM

I dont think it needs anymore mods than it already has, its plenty quick and a ton of fun to drive...dont get me wrong Im not looking for a hybrid but I do need it to get 25+ mpgs to be worth the extra insurance cost and everything, if I could get upper 20s doing 75-80 I would be stoked...I am sick of constantly wrenching on the truck and dont really want to drive it everday and rack up the miles anyway. I was planning on commuting on the bike, but its just not the right bike for freeway commuting and the backway is way out of the way, and I dont really like riding it at night and I have a couple night classes. Its so much easier to have a car to throw your stuff in, cruise down the freeway at 75-80 and you are home before you know it!

I am sure I would occasionally hit some back roads and maybe even track it once in a blue moon when my dad takes his 997TT out but it wouldnt be very often. I love my bike and hate to get rid of it, but atleast if I get the m3 I still have a fun toy I can play with and a pretty good dd for school in one.

petriej 10-18-2012 09:55 AM

Yea the M3 will be perfect for that. Don't get me wrong, though, make sure it's in good shape. If you get a lemon, all bets are off...

mxr181 10-18-2012 11:01 AM

Ya I am definetly going to have it looked at, like I said we have a shop up there that has worked on my parents bmws and my dads 911s for years and both of the owners sons have e36 m3s so I think they should definetly be able to take a good look at it!

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