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z0lt3c 10-18-2012 02:52 PM

Faulty IBS sensor and negative battery cable replacement
I had my local indy run a diagnostic scan of my charging system to try and isolate why I keep having to reset my date and time. We had previously load tested my battery, and it passed, so the battery was still doing it's job. The diagnostic revealed over 250+ faults on the IBS sensor, which is located inside the negative battery cable lead. The recommendation was to replace the battery cable lead and sensor assembly.

My car was originally equipped with a negative battery cable with part number 61129164348. It seems this part has been replaced with part number 12427603567. This redesigned cable is NOT identical to the old cable. It has a slightly different sized housing and uses a different pin-out for the IBS sensor harness connection.

The first problem I ran into was that the new cable did not come with any plastic shielding, like the old cable. The old cable plastic shielding did not fit the new cable. My local BMW parts counter could not find a part number for the current plastic shielding, they recommended simply excluding the shield when reassembling. However, I instead modified the original shielding, and along with copious amounts of electric tape, got it to work satisfactorily.

The second problem was that when going to reassemble I discovered that the sensor pin out was different. This requires an IBS sensor adapter which is part number 12517615476. The adapter is a small dongle that provides pin-out conversion between the old harness connector and the new sensor.

With the cable replaced and the sensor cabled, I started the vehicle back up and immediate received "AWD and DSC malfunction" error. Some searching suggested I turn the steering wheel lock to lock once, and sure enough this procedure cleared that malfunction. Afterwards I got no further check control messages.

I've got the battery back on a tender now to top it off while the car idles to let the IBS initialize. My indy recommended the car idle for 3 hours to permit the new sensor to adapt to the vehicle properly. Keeping my fingers crossed this solves the date/time loss problem.

I couldn't find any other DIY for replacing this cable, hoping this post may help others. FWIW I got the cable w/ sensor for $215 and the sensor adapter for $55 -- not exactly cheap but I don't want to let any of these electrical issues snowball on this car.


540ess 12-03-2012 05:01 PM

Any update for this repair? I have read that the car needs a software update after changing the IBS, but maybe just bs?

z0lt3c 12-03-2012 07:53 PM

No battery/electrical issues since replacing the IBS in October. I did not need to perform any coding for replacement. I did let the vehicle idle for 2 hours or so after replacement.

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