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Gold Chariot 10-20-2012 10:21 PM

Red LED Interior (dome) lights for my E30.
I'm going to put red LED festoon lights in my E30 so it can preserve my night vision while i read a map, look for something, or whatever. The police use them to preserve night vision while writing tickets at night.

My car will look like either:

A. A police car.
B. A strip club.
C. A photo development lab.

Assuming these lights will even work in my car.


hornhospital 10-20-2012 11:38 PM

For A you'll need a uniform and badge. Not advisable. ;)

For C you'll need the trays and chemicals. Not really practical in a car that will be driven. :thumbdwn:

For B you'll need strippers...wooohoo! :yikes: :roundel:

OK, serious now: Personally I don't think you'll like the red lights. The look like a good idea, but work poorly in practice. Aircraft use them because they don't normally have to read maps or looks for things while those lights are on. They have very limited use by the cops, too, because they just don't supply enough light for reading (how they're writing tickets with them where you are is a mystery). They tried them here locally and went back to normal lighting pretty quickly. When they got them bright enough to see things (printed material like a ticket) they were WAY brighter than what you'd probably use, and they were just as bad as normal lights in regards to damaging night vision.

BMWFatherFigure 10-21-2012 01:16 AM

Also makes colours go funny

Nick323 10-22-2012 05:07 AM

Red light is not really noticed by animals...
blue LED's will blind you & everybody around you
Don't know what good this info will do you ;)

BMWFatherFigure 10-22-2012 06:17 PM

White dedicated map reading lights but red courtesy lights add style IMO.

Tkaczuk 10-22-2012 09:41 PM

Who uses film anymore. :D

_Ethrty-Andy_ 10-22-2012 11:12 PM

pulsing neons or gtfo :thumbup:

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