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ssdsouza 10-25-2012 03:13 PM

DC area winter tires or not?
Hello everyone, I have a 2011 Z4 with Bridgestone Potenza 18inch tires on. Bought it earlier this year in the spring. From all my research so far, i have concluded that I probably want to change to winter tires or MW tires for the winter. So I want to ask same the question specifically for the northern VA/DC area. Assume average temp is at or below 45 degrees F for the months of Dec, Jan, Feb, March.

1. Given the weather here, do I need to go to winter tires or would multi-weather make more sense?
2. Do the full winter tires wear very fast if you end up driving on primarily dry roads?
2. Do I really need to go for new wheels as well (if I want to go to 17inch winters) or should I just mount winter 18 inches on my current wheels. In other words, do I really need to go to minus 1 tires and will changing the tires damage my current rims.

Appreciate your help folks...

MC-X3 10-25-2012 08:39 PM

IMO all weather tires suck in all weather. Tirerack has some great videos of summer, all weather and witner tires on an ice rink. Very educational.

A second set of wheels makes swapping way easier and I think in the long run cheaper since you won't be mounting and balancing 2 sets of tires/year. I live in the pacific northwest and even though we don't get a lot of freezing weather, I run winter tires for the cold months since even cool (35-50 deg.) temps are out of the optimal range for summer tires.

rdkind62 10-26-2012 06:30 AM

I can't help you for your exact question, but I can tell you what I have done. This is my first winter with my car, but since I had the performance summer tires I decided to go with winter tires on my regular wheels. I got a full set for both front and back for about $850 for some Falken tires. Here in Colorado Springs we get three or four snows of around 6 to 8 inches a year and I feel I will be just fine with my new set up.

watchurself 10-26-2012 06:54 AM

I bought a winter set up of wheels/tires from a forum member - 17" wheels with Goodyear All Season tires on them

got a good deal and feel "safer" than with the summer set up

Gigglebox 10-26-2012 07:03 AM

I've had Z4's here in the DC area since 04 as everyday drivers. Basically after the first 2 winters, I'd gotten to the point where if the roads aren't clean, I don't leave the house (or try to take something else if available).

Once got stuck on an onramp to 66 and another time did a full 360 (at 35mph) when driving on a perfectly straight & flat road in MD. Just too much torque and too little weight to be effective on bad roads. Thankfully, the winters haven't been that bad for the last few years.

The increased weight on the new ones might make a difference, but they also have a lot more umph.

I probably wont do anything with tires on the new one (Performance Center Delivery in the beginning of December), but I am very curious as to how you fare if you put the winters on.

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