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mgarciah 10-27-2012 11:17 AM

Retrofiting my E70 2013
Ok. I just have my X5 2013, sadly here in Costa Rica all idrive systems are considered Ultra High Luxury item so it is impossible to get a full features idrive system ($$$), I do have PDC, rear view camera, limited voice control, small screen 6.6, Bluetooth, Im electronic Eng. so I really miss all the Connected drive, full office features and full Iphone integration, so I decided to retrofit my car... some out there says that it is better to have a new car, well this is not our option, Ill put it this way, here at the dealer a full X5M with all the idrive features worth more than US$200K :dunno::cry: this is senseless, for that amount I can buy a Ferrari in US and I still have some money left to go there and drive it once in a month.

Warranty, I really knows how electronics works, once they work for a week it is really rare that they will fail in the near future, if you are going to retrofit with third brands Ill be really concern, but with OEM parts the chance of fail is rare, anyway you can go back if you need to so I will keep my unused electronics with me, Ill go with Patryk from Bimmertech and I will post our process here....

mgarciah 11-29-2012 07:39 AM

Ok!!!, in one word..... WOW!!!!!, I finished my retrofit yesterday, MEN at bimmertech knows his job :bow:, I installed all the hardware they sent me, I want to warn everyone, I installed the retrofit video cable for iphone and the OEM instructions ask you to remove the left carpet, I dont know why the use LEFT or RIGHT on this, they must use driver or passenger side, I dismantle all the Left armrest (for me driver side) looking for the X4545 connector and it was on the passenger side :mad:. after this issue was solved MEN connected to my car under his instructions and about an hour later the job was done. there are some philosophy on these BMWs that I dont understand, there are a lot of functions that doesnt work at once, you have to leave the car alone for some time, 2 or 3 hours in order to "digest" the changes, yesterday afternoon I didnt have Office-messages, today the menu appeard in the morning, yesterday when we finished the coding my iphone was not recognized, and of course neither BMW apps, but yesterday night all the Apps started to work, so it is a matter of time, MEN asked me to test all the functions and in two days they will upload the spanish full voice command which I paid for, someones out there think that a retrofiting is worthless, but I can tell you that I have a brand new car with brand new functions, among them...
1. three cameras rear view (working before and working now)
2. 6" screen to a 8.8 HD screen (Big change)
3. Office - Contacts-messages-email-sms
4. Connecteddrive (Apps, Internet, BMW online, etc)
5. Iphone Snap in

Ill post you my experience when the spanish voice commands are uploaded...

But so far SO GOOD!!!

mgarciah 12-04-2012 07:28 PM

Ok.. retrofit finished!!!, today we activated the voice control, everything went smooth with bimmertech, I have only one thing down but this is not on bimmertech guys who made a great job, since for Costa Rica there are no BMW navigation maps there are some apps like weather which takes the GPS location to get the weather info, So I keep getting a Finland city weather from the last GPS position saved by the system, we tried to get around this but on the new idrive service menu there are no way to change the location by coordinates, just by country, but sadly Costa Rica is not in the list yet, Patryk from Bimmertech told me that they will search to check what we can do, pretty sure they will find a way soon.

On the other side the retrofit is great!!! Plugin, apps, internet, dvdonmotion, Office (messages and SMS), web radio!!! among other features are a great addition to the car.

When I was thinking about this investment on my NEW 2013 I was concern about it, but now Im not regretting any penny invested.

And you can confident that Bimmertech guys knows their job.

Dirtbag 12-05-2012 07:26 AM

Great! A positive post! I'm sure it cost a pretty penny, but when it works out so well you forget the cost.

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