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suz4596 11-01-2012 04:01 PM

BMW Tire & Wheel Protection
My husband and I were picking up 2 BMWs yesterday from the dealer. We had visited the dealership last week and decided on 2 models and completed the credit app. The Sales Manager gave us 2 separate quotes for the lease payment on each car. When we went to pick up the cars we were in the finance office ready to give our down payment based on the info we received previously from the Sales Manager. The Finance Manager tells us about two options we can now take advantage of (BMW Tire & Wheel Protection & Paint & Interior Protection) for an additional fee which will now increase our monthly lease payment on each car. We were really shocked and upset that they waited until the last moment to bring up these options which did not allow us to do any research as to whether they were worthwhile. My question is - did anyone else close a deal on their car with these options offered at the last minute? Thanks, Suzi

No12 11-01-2012 07:17 PM

Firstly, you don't need, in any way, the dealer-offered paint and interior protection. It is an overpriced trinket the dealers offer, and is really nothing more than a good wax and sealant that you can do yourself or get done independently much cheaper than the dealer's price.

Tire and wheel protection (or insurance) CAN be useful if the roads where you live are in poor condition (potholes, broken pavement, etc); BUT often the price of the protection is high, and you can "self-insure" for a lot less. If offered by BMW NA itself, it may be useful; if offered by a third party insurer, I would pass.

Sounds like this dealer is playing the usual games more often associated with "Detroit" products. Sounds rather unprofessionl to me.

Jason @ BMS 11-07-2012 08:11 PM

Just get the cars waxed at the car wash for $39.00 next time you get it washed or do it yourself. In the unlikely event you damage or pop a tire simply get it replaced if that even happens. No need to up your payment for the term of the lease.

And yes, when purchasing my Toyota they threw these sealant, protectant thing in at the very last minute. During the last bit of paperwork.

02x745Li 11-07-2012 09:55 PM

You mention it's a lease and the rim protection would ONLY be a good choice if you encounter bad roads on a daily basis. Just for a piece of mind for the end.

I had that for my vehicle back in 2008 by maxguard and the fine print was a pain. Since it was a purchase and not a lease, instill bought it because I was not aware that many people actually sell their OEMs for dirt cheap compared to dealers.

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