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white_lancer 11-02-2012 12:55 AM

Which side is Bank 2?

I am going to have a go at replacing my Cam Shaft Sensor tomorrow. I think Bank 2 is the drivers side? can you confirm please. the car is a BMW X5 2002 E53 4.4i

This is the fault code 114/8 - P0345 - cam shaft position sensor 'A' circuit bank 2



QSilver7 11-02-2012 12:28 PM

Just and FYI: left/right is determined by what side the steering wheel is RHD car's steering wheels are on the "right" side of the car...and LHD car's steering is on the "left" side of the car.

Because we are a global community...we have to be cognizant when we use "driver's side" as a description because without identifying if your car is RHD or could be referring to either the left or right side of the car.

If we use the words left side or right side...there should never be any confusion since knowing that the official determination is based from the perspective of the driver inside the car. :)

Bank 2 on the M62 V8 would be cylinders 5-8 which are the ones located on the LEFT SIDE of the engine (from the driver's perspective). Bank 1 is cylinders 1-4...and they are located on the RIGHT SIDE of the engine (from the driver's perspective. :)

If you are standing in front of the vehicle with the hood/bonnet up...looking at the 2 (cyl 5-8) will be on your right. In the diagram 2 is on the right:

Hope I haven't caused any confusion. :D

Mudnyrey 11-03-2012 01:28 AM

Hi Tony,

You'll have to let me know how it goes.

When looking from the FRONT of the car, cylinders 1 - 4 (with 1 at the front) are on your left. Cylinders 5 - 8 (with 5 at the front) are on your right. So, Bank 2 is on your right.

Bank "A" = Passeger Side
Bank "B" = Drivers Side

Firing order...

Front of engine

Hope that solves one of your issues.

Good Luck!


QSilver7 11-03-2012 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by Mudnyrey (Post 7173054)
Bank "A" = Passeger Side
Bank "B" = Drivers Side


Just a repeat FYI:

If your definition in the quote above is that "bank a" = bank 1 & "bank b" = bank 2...then if Tony's X5 is RHD (like many vehicles in the UK)...then the passenger & driver's side is not the same as it is here in the USA where our vehicles are LHD.

Again, if the OP's vehicle is RHD...if you use "driver" & "passenger" to indicate which side of the car you're referring to...then it is the opposite of our LHD cars here in the states...thus...
  • Bank "A" = driver's side
  • Bank "B" = passenger side
...which is why I replied as I did in post should just use the terms "left" & "right"...not "driver's" or "passenger's" side...because those words mean different sides of the car depending on if the car is RHD or LHD. :)

Mudnyrey 11-03-2012 11:39 PM

GOOD CATCH !!! (I should have read that better) Your right and thanks for the correction!



white_lancer 11-13-2012 04:37 AM

sensor fault

I ordered a new cam shaft sensor and installed it at the weekend. the fault code was

114/8 - P0345 - cam shaft position sensor 'A' circuit bank 2

I installed the cam shaft sensor in the right hand side of the engine when looking from the front of the car with the bonnet open.

about a day later the same error message came up again?

just wondering whether I should install the cam sensor i removed from bank 2 onto the bank 1 side?

is there any way of checking if the cam sensor is working?

could it possibly be a fault further along the cam shaft sensor circuit?

Mudnyrey 11-13-2012 10:07 AM

"just wondering whether I should install the cam sensor i removed from bank 2 onto the bank 1 side?" Why? Did the problem move to another bank or stay the same and on the same on Bank 2 ? It's possible that the other CPS could be faulty as well.

*(Don't forget you have 4 CPS's - 2 intake and 2 exhaust.)

Besides the other issues on this posting, here is an additional possibility.
*? Possible a Camshaft Solenoid? <= Sputtering symptoms?
Good Read...

What are your current and existing codes to date?

P0345 OBD-II Trouble Code

Technical Description

Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2)

What does that mean?

This indicates that a problem was detected in the camshaft position sensor circuit of bank 2. Since it says circuit, that means the problem could lie in any part of the circuit - the sensor itself, the wiring, or the PCM. Don't just replace the CPS (camshaft position sensor) and think that will definitely fix it.


Symptoms can include:

Hard starting or no start
Rough running / misfiring
Loss of engine power

A code P0345 could mean one or more of the following has happened:

a wire or connector in the circuit could be grounded/shorted/broken
the camshaft position sensor may have failed
the PCM may have failed
there exists an open circuit
the crankshaft position sensor may have failed
Possible Solutions

With a P0345 OBD-II trouble code, diagnosis can be tricky at times. Here are some things to try:

Visually inspect all the wiring and connectors in the circuit
Check for continuity in the circuit wiring
Check the operation (voltage) of the camshaft position sensor
Replace the camshaft position sensor as required
Check the crankshaft position circuit as well
Replace circuit wiring and/or connectors as required
Diagnose/replace the PCM as required


white_lancer 11-13-2012 11:47 PM

now I'm confused.

I did not realise that there were 4 cam shaft position sensors

I had the error code 114/8 - P0345 - cam shaft position sensor 'A' circuit bank 2

so I changed the cam shaft positioning sensor as shown in the photo - the one on the right hand side of the engine at the front. (looking from the front of the car)

where is the exhaust cam shaft positioning sensor? would this be on the same side but at the back of the engine?

A day or so after changing the sensor and resetting the codes I had the same error code come up again?

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