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tyluv71 11-10-2012 11:32 PM

Help! 2005 BMW 530i Sport Package brake issues.
Hello, need help. I bought a 2005 BMW 530i about four months ago from a Acura dealership in Fairfield, Ca. They replaced the pads and rotors. Last night while driving home from work the ABS light warning came on and the screen stated Don't drive excessively or stop. The brake pedal went to the floor and the car drove very slow. Pulled over and turned the car off. Turned back on and put it in Drive, the car wouldn't move as if the brakes were locked. Turned off again thinking it's a computer malfunction and restart the car. Now the brake pedal went to the floor to stop. Limped home and got the car towed to a shop the next day. The shop reports there is petroleum fluid in the brake reservoir and the hoses are swollen. Towed it to the Acura dealership and they say they didn't top off or bleed the brake system. Can you change the brakes and rotors without topping off or bleeding the brake fluid system? Any help would be much appreciated!:cry:

Gustavoerod 11-11-2012 09:40 AM

How long ago did you do the brakes?

tyluv71 11-11-2012 10:15 AM

The dealership replaced the pads and rotors in May. I bought the car in June.

Gustavoerod 11-11-2012 10:42 AM

It has nothing to do with the brake job probably, maybe your ABS sensor expired? When you find the cure make sure you post it, we can all benefit from it. Have you tried searching on YouTube? Sometimes I get surprised from all the stuff I learn from some of those videos. :)

UltimateDriving 11-11-2012 11:33 AM

At least nothing serious happened. I had a friend that lost his brakes in a brand new Toyota RAV4 and crashed another car, luckily no one was hurt.

1mowshn 11-14-2012 11:03 PM

Yeah Ty it's possible to do break job without topping off fluids in most cases when you press you pistons back in the tank fills back up. But if one shop has told you that there is petrolium in the fluid then there's a good chance this is so, but the dealer ship won't fess up, and it would make sense. They probably used a non recomended fluid and did top off. I am looking for an ABS sensor for you as we discussed at work today found a few lower than what i showed you today on ebay. I am On it and I am sure it's the Module. M. Hill

Ralph III 11-15-2012 08:51 AM

Hey, if that happens again try using the emergency brakes. Those are seperate and should be cable controlled.

I point this out simply for future reference and as it could save someone. BTW, I worked at a dealer only auto auction for 14 years (detail manager, sub contract) which meant driving many cars without brakes. I also transported a Casino shuttle bus once with non working air brakes.

Just keep your foot on the petal type emergy brakes and release handle, otherwise keep your finger on the handle release button; you can use the emergency brakes as a normal foot or hand brake with such minus having to "release" them each time.

Hope you get it fixed and glad you made it home safely.


P.S. If your brakes lock up again, try using a pry bar or screw driver to seperate the brake pads and then use the emergency brakes.

GeorgeT 11-15-2012 12:00 PM

For future referrence, BMW recommends changing the brake fluid every two years.

GOR777 11-16-2012 04:08 AM

yeah it is possible to change the brakes and the rotors without changing the fluid.

tyluv71 11-22-2012 02:44 AM

Thanks everyone. Next week I'm taking her to a indie BMW shop in SF to get a full evaluation. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks again!

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