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Dans28 11-14-2012 05:41 AM

E53 X5 5L40E transmission issue? Or sensor.
Hi All,

I have 2001 E53 X5 that seems to be having some issue with either the transmission or a sensor of some kind, it has done 150,000klm while service history is all there I decided to change transmission filter etc after I discovered that I was having a hard shift now and then between 1-2 gear I am not sure how to explain the issue other than I can say its not all the time and in normal driving the car is changing gears as it should no slipping etc

However if I drive from a standing start and reach a speed of approx 30klm then suddenly remove my foot from the accelerator the car thumps into second gear, it's like it's getting confused with what it should be doing or hasn't realised I have removed my foot from the pedal

I am not seeing any warning lights on dash and transmission feels smooth other than this issues that seems worse when cold or if the grade in the road changes

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance



Bacpque 11-28-2012 06:45 PM

Transmission shift from 1st gear
I have a 2001 4.4 X5. About a week ago, I started my car to go to work early morning and found out my first gear takes a couple seconds of driving to shift to normal drive. I have no choice but drive it to work. It ran Ok in the freeway, since i did not stop driving. When I got out of the freeway, and at the stop sign, I changed to the triptronic . I think it improved a bit but when i stopped the car at the parking lot, I saw TRANSMISSION FAIL PROG in the dashboard! I thought that was it; my x5 transmission gave out. After work, I thought I'd be calling AAA for a tow, but when i started the car to move it outside the parking structure, the problem with the 1st gear was gone; it seams whatever happened when i used the manual ****fter, it "cured" the problem of delayed shifting from 1st gear. Could it be the transmission module/computer reset itself when I changed to manual shifting? All I know is that the transmission is "fine" now. I drove this morning for 1 hour/40 miles, average between 40-70 mph, ran OK. Does someone have the same problem? I am thinking of changing the atf but it is running and shifting OK now. It has 101K miles.

goldenbird 11-30-2012 11:11 AM

When trans failsafe program warning show up,it means that there is a problem with the transmission. it might be a sensor, a worn gear, an electrical wire corrosion, low level fluid etc.... U need to check with your mechanic the error code related to the problem the transmission faced just before going into failsafe prog. the stored error code or codes guides you to the proper solution. the trans failsafe means : in order to protect your trans. due to a fault, from damaging your transmission, the proper work of your transmission is halted. you could then still driving, but the gear number 3 or 4 is auto selected. you can turn ur car off for a couple of minutes than restart normally with TFSP cleared. Changing ATF is only done based on those error codes. it might enhance drive shifting as it could make it worse, but don't replace ATF for no reason unless your ATF is regularly replaced each 50k miles. At 150k miles without prior replacement, changing ATF is somewhat risky, where your gears are adapted with the bad fluid quality. Replacing with a new ATF with better viscosity may push your gears to start slipping and will also due to the detergents in the new ATF will clean the oil oil passages pushing stains to move and may clog something in the transmission

Zulu95 11-30-2012 12:07 PM

Go to xoutpost and do a search on "Transmission Thump". Plenty of info there.

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